Spanish Matador Israel Lancho Gored by Bull, in Critical Condition

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  1. you're a douche for laughing at someone's suffering.
  2. Looks like the bull won.
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    I cant watch stuff like that, but props to the bull.
    What a barbaric ritual that bullfighting is.

  4. Hey, it's a fight, right? Sometimes the bull has to win

    Explain how this guy is better than Michael Vick
  5. yeah he fucking deserved it. the fights are not fair because the sedate the bulls.
  6. Well i dont think he deserved it, but I dont think it was awesome either.

    Being a Matador is a dangerous job and this man knew that when I signed up.
  7. I couldnt vote because there wasnt an option for

    "Hell yeah they deserve that but I hope he's alright"

    it's sick what they do to those magnificent animals in the name of entertainment but I hope the guy's ok - i'm sure he has a family to support and all that other shit

    but damn dude - you mess with the bull and you're gonna get the horns
  8. Crazy.

    Did y'all see some of the other sport injury pics ? I had to stop halfway in, they were making me queasy.
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  9. to be fair, that guy is part of a sport where they repeatedly stab an animal for the amusement of others, eventually killing it :rolleyes:
  10. Yeah, that's the dumbest shit.
  11. Yeah, I didn't make it very far either haha
  12. I feel bad for him, but not too bad. I mean what did he expect when he decided to become a matador? Also, I'm sure I'd do the same thing if I were the bull. They treat those animals terribly.
  13. I don't know why you guys are ragging on about's just a bull that gets killed and then eaten just like it would if it weren't dying in an arena. Bullfights in Spain nowadays donate the meat of dead bulls to charity food services, so it's not like they're just wholesale slaughtering them either...

    But whatev. The matador knew what the stakes were and got gored anyway...looks hella painful but that's the score, gents.
  14. I'm pretty sure bulls being killed in a slaughterhouse aren't drugged and attacked with multiple spears to cause blood loss and decreased muscular ability before they're ultimately killed. Slaughterhouses don't have thousands of spectators either.

    To go back to an analogy I made earlier, we all know that animal shelters have to kill animals on a regular basis, but that doesn't make it more palatable to find out that Mike Vick runs dogfights where animals are maimed and killed. Sure, animals have to die for a variety of reasons, but making a spectacle and a game of it is disgusting.

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