Spam 'Likes' GTFO!

Discussion in 'General' started by exonmoble, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. you should earn a 'like' so GTFO you know who you are
  2. It's just a like... Who cares mang.
  3. i agree op...its annoying as fuck. its against the rules, but the mods are doing nothing.

    also, since when is one allowed to abuse forum features?
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    Um, its not harassment to like a post. Its liking a post.....

    Are you serious??? Do you guys REALLY care that much that someone is liking posts......

    Is it a problem? What is the problem being caused......

    All i hear is "Whats with all the likes" no reasoning why its an issue...

    If i say you are an issue and give no reason, and i ban you, would you argue with it.....

    Yea... i think you would...

    Im not seeing anything harassing going on, hes liking posts... OMG HES LIKING POSTS

    Someone EXPLAIN why this is an issue, otherwise all i hear is "dude, he likes posts, thats SO LOW, what a loser" and you have to understand how that makes NO SENSE to me

    And for darksmoker, if you think its harassment.... then you really need to explain why. Im not going on a mission to do something to someone for liking posts...... unless i know there is a reaon... but i dont see it man
  5. and to further that.... if you think liking posts is harassment, what is taking my post about how liking does not break rules (which it does not) and pointing that out?

    Is that harassment if i say it is?

    Or op here, harassing the person who likes... i think thats also harassment if liking a post is

    You have to remember, if you lower the standards for harassment, its universal
  6. how is it NOT harassment? he's going through everyone posts in everyones threads spamming the shit out of the like button, clogging our notifications and when we lookw hat do we see? 1 guy who like 25 of our posts. it's annoying, and yeah i consider it harassment because it's not something i want. i dont mind people liking my posts obviously, but he's just doing it for the hell of it. for no reason.

    and, again, since when is abusing forum features not against the rules? that's clearly what's going on. perhaps you should only be able to like so many posts over the course of a set period of prevent this abuse.

    edit: not only that, but this is now probably the 5th thread on this. it's also now clogging the forum index. clearly i'm not the only one taking issue with this.
  7. I really wanted to like this post, but I really don't like it. But I kinda like disliking things, so I may just like this at a later time once I've made up my mind
  8. I like Steezy, he can divide by zero.
  9. Well in that case, FREE CAPSLOCK BANDIT!

  10. was he banned because of his like abuse? lol
  11. Steezy is starting a Grasscity movement

  12. I havent looked in my notifications, once.... its just a growing number at the top right of my screen... I dont really check my "like status" as i do not care for it

    Oh look 3294 new notifications......

    Does it hinder my experience here... no

    What im getting at is that its not actually doing anything.... likes do not represent anything whatsoever, nor does rep...... However we do have a rule for rep abuse, as people still use rep to decide what to think of someone, for whatever reason they do......

    I understand what you are saying, hes just liking everything.... the idea of the feature isnt to be abused or not abused... its just there... its a useless forum feature lol.....

    But then if we limit likes.... its just like rep, it becomes a "currency" which it isnt in the first place, nor is rep.... it becomes weighted with a value if there is a limitation..... it has 0 value now.....

    Is it REALLY an issue for you, is what im asking,..... do you feel personally harassed... i really dont think you do, nor do i think they are intended for harassment.... hence, it is not being classified as such

    Im not trying to say you are wrong, im just trying to point out if this is the case we have to build a rule about liking.... and add a limitation to it....

    its not designed to be a regulated system for that reason, thats what rep is.............................
  13. i feel so harassed. i dont like this thread

  14. Okay, how about some compromise up in here?

    Spamming the "like" button and liking every post you see isn't cool and people have been reprimanded for that before.

    However, there's also no need to make it into a huge deal and act like it's actually "harassment". Nor is there any need to make a thread targeted at just one person. Making a thread in the public forums complaining about one member is much more likely to be seen as harassment than someone liking a bunch of posts.

    So whoever you people are talking about, PM me and I will look into it. And if you have a problem with another member in the future, either take it to a civil PM or let a moderator know about it.

    Cool? Cool. :p

  15. nope, he was banned for a multitude of rule breaking, mainly consisting of having multiple accounts

    so you cant use him as leverage, trust me, i looked into it before making a fool of myself lol
  16. Sorry Sirsoggy, I'm just quoting this here on the last page so that nobody misses it. [​IMG]

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