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  1. Last week, a friend and i planted about 25 seeds. This is a pure guerilla grow so we dug up some of the ground and replaced the top layer with seed starting soil.

    I've never grown marijuana by placing seeds in the ground (always germinated first) so i didnt expect so many to sprout (13 already) . Some of these are right next to each and i was wondering what i should do. It kind of sucks because all the sprouts are in groups of 2 or 3...only a few sprouted with space around them!!! I was thinking that i should wait to see which one grows stronger and pull the ones around it. ...or should i just leave em? Some or within an inch of each other.

    btw, the sprouts are about an inch tall with their first set of leaves (cotyledons).
  2. no sweat man, just pick those little girls out of the soil and put them where you want them. just make a hole in the ground with your pointer finger and put the root in and then close the soil around them. and press down a little at the base. when they are young you can move em a little, but not too much, dont do this more than once. and put something over them to protect them from critters, they love to munch on fresh seedlings.
  3. what do you suggest i put over them? should i cut up soap and put it in the plant's general area?
  4. Yeah, you can definetly still transplant them. You just have to be really careful because too much stress causes HERMIE!
  5. i would put a small screen over them, or thin plastic fencing. Possibly the tops of bottles cut off to be like greenhouses, or sticks and sellafane to make a bigger greenhouse. i dunno im just thinking this shit up right now, be creative, thats the art of growing. Think about it, the objective is to keep things away from your wonderful plants, think hard, its worth it.

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