Spaceship: Earth

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by terradactyl, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Earth could possibly be a super advanced space ship that we (hyper-intelligent beings from a different planet that we needed to abandon for some[:confused:] reason) built to abandon said different planet.

    global warming and the Earths troubles are the space ship aging, we've been on our journey for a while

    we are really in a deep sleep and our 'reality' is a virtual reality trip created to make our trip stimulate our brains so they don;t turn to mush. when we die -game over, start a new simulation of a life, keep repeating until we reach our destination, which is when we wake up and experience true life or whatever.

    think about it. :smoking:
  2. wow, you are really high right now.:D

    literally anything is possible.

    I tend to think God is a playwrite. We are a fraction of god, playing one of the parts that the omni-being scripted. We'll play every part in this existence subjectively... And possibly play parts in infinite, completely unrecognizable existences, for ever. :smoking:
  3. could also sig

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