Spaceage Grinder

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  1. That one will undoubtedly have metal shavings. I would advise against getting that cheaply made grinder. Perhaps look into a wooden box that collects kief.
  2. not bad for $10
    How do you know it will break down?
  4. undoubtedly? 
    It might be cheap and could be prone to such faults, but you could use a cheap grinder like that for a long time with no problems
    Op, you might wanna step it up a bit and go for something like a sharpstone but that grinder looks aight
  5. In the description it explicitly states that it is designed to prevent such a problem...perhaps I'm being naive, but it looks legitimate to me.
  6. I have the same exact one. If it's all you can afford, then buy it. Try to get a better one if you can.
  7. Damn, I already bought it. Every review I read mentioned the exact opposite...thanks. Interested to see how it works out.
    Hopefully that isn't the case.
  8. Perhaps not bro. Mine might be just slightly different. I got mine from a head shop and my buddy ended up with one IDENTICAL off amazon for 6 bucks.
  9. Right on...I'll see how it goes.
    It was only 10 bucks and I figured what the hell. I'll probably end up getting a Santa Cruz at some point.
  10. thats how mine look and i have aluminzed aluminum or something... looks legit dont listen to the haters
  11. Looks like any generic aluminum grinder... At a headshop they'd prob charge 10 or 15 so 9 on ebay isnt that good of a deal if you include waiting time. At first i thought you mistyped spacecase and i was gonna say fuck yea those are nice 
  12. How so?
    Metal Shavings aren't of concern unless you have a grinder that is really cheaply made from china (i'm talking $2 at the gas station cheap)  Also painted grinders are bad because the paint flakes off... and plastic grinders are all around fail and to be avoided at all times.
    Diamond grinders are relatively cheap and readily available at all LHS's. I have used Diamond many times in the past and they are excellent grinders. 
  13. This turned out to be an AWESOME purchase. Highly recommend.
  14. Looks like a good, cost effective grinder. Glad to know its worth it. But if I ever get a grinder, I think I'll splurge and get one with a handle. Those look sick  :ey:
  15. Just remember to forget about the kief its collecting.  In a few months you will have a gold mine.

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