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  1. well i think this goes here cause it natural space related question?

    so what is space? basically what is between two stars?
  2. its just a word, that does not do very much justice to the entity that 'space' is...
    bummer. also, im sure you could look at your local library, or even perhaps your parents library(assuming your parents read), and find endless answers and pictures to your question.

  3. Come on now...
  4. Relatively theres not that much there

    Come on now....

  5. From 'nothing' to 'not much'....thats progress.
  6. A whole bunch of no matter..there is some dust tho..but nuthin there is no air cept solar winds..i think..damn im confused
  7. Lol
    I like to think there's intergalactic space turtles.
    And gentle octopuses playing with planets

  8. awesome...:smoking:
  9. Why dont you even bother with a retort instead of antagonistic replies? I mean honestly all you've done is come into this thread and proved that you can mock me, not that you actually know anything

    arrogance these days
  10. A whole lot'a hydrogen?

    Not dense by any means, but still :)
  11. on the other hand all you want to do is turn a discussion into a war, and prove everyone wrong. i find his comments peaceful.
  12. I didn't turn this discussion into a war, Jesus was the heretic. All I did was state what was actually factual
  13. Hmm, an actual definition of space is a bit equivocal.

    I suppose I would define space as a construct for the various fields that occur in physics.
  14. theres no such thing as space, theres allways something in between stuff, just cause we dont see it doesnt mean its not there. between stars is dark matter/energy.
  15. actual observable matter on all wavelengths and with all methods show that there is next to nothing in between most stars. the regions of space where you do see gas clouds are the nebular clouds.

    if you look at the gap between us and our closest star, there is a whole lot of nothing in between
  16. i mean if you just in space not near any starts/planets.

    what is all the black? i mean its not matter or anything? so what causes it to be black?

    and dark matter is a black hole and what if anything is on the other side of a black hole. but i can be wrong.
  17. I think space is black because there is no light reflecting off the 'nothing' that occupies the empty areas. Nothing to reflect the light, nothing to show up

  18. Define "nothing".....
  19. Densities range from a few thousand to a few hundred million particles per cubic meter with an average value in the Milky Way Galaxy of a million particles per cubic meter

    Last time I checked you have the internet too, feel free to do your own research

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