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  1. I am very limited on space .I have a closet I can use but the only tent I can find for it is 18 inches by 30 inches and only 36 high .The only kind of lightning I can think of to use In there is cfl because of it being so short and I'm not knocking CFL. I was however looking forward to putting either a 200 watt California lightworks led or a 205 watt optic led. I have decided to wait on it once I get everything started because of vertical distance. I read you can't get the light closer than 12-18 inches from the plants so with that height I could only grow 1 to 1 and 1/2 feet tall plants and be scared about that. Also the area of this tent is only 3.75 ft square. I really wish I could use my 5x5 but that will be down the road. Anyway my main question is hoping someone experienced can shed some light on distance from led lights to the top of the canopy. I appreciate any knowledge.
  2. It depends what light, but yeah, 18" is going to be the average closest distance. Getting a bunch of 30w E27 LEDs might solve your problem. Also, if you have a closet you might just want to get some mylar sheets and seal up the cracks with something. Especially if it's only going to be temporary. Good luck
  3. If you get some quantum boards with a dimmable driver you can control the light intensity. I usually keep the boards 3-4inches from the canopy during seedling to early veg just to minimize electric use. Only reason to increase the height for the qb is to increase the spread of light to cover the growing diameter of the plant.

    Also you could setup some side lighting during flower and just train the plant to be squat. Also an autoflower will help here.
  4. Thanks. I was actually thinking this about dimming the lights.
  5. Thanks man I appreciate it. I'm not going to say much back as I don't know much and I have my thoughts but of course I prefer to hear from someone with experience. Have a good day
  6. Just so you guys know the seeds I have came from a buddy in Oregon. He had white Dwarf and Russian rocket Fuel. Both Autoflower. I can't remember which was female and male of regular seeds but hw cross pollinated them and that is my seed. Another friend of mine grew 1 outside and it didn't produce much but it was really good. Its systi going to be a little bit because I'm getting materials together but I plan on sharing once I get started. I'm definitely new to Autoflower and new to indoor growing
  7. Always be testing, always be trimming. Get the experience in mate, just grab what you can afford and throw it up asap and start making mistakes and learning from it :) Enjoy the journey!
  8. I know I will and I want say exactly when I be back but I will and thank you again

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