Space wasted

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tokebowls99, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. So I'm at my friends house and we just finished smoking. I come inside to throw something away and my buddy was tying off the garbage bag. I put the my trash in the small hole at the top and said "not a space wasted" and he thought I said I'm so space wasted. Could you see this becoming a new term for being super high? I think it sounds pretty lame but then I thought hmm?

  2. Put the bong down man...
  3. I'm so space wasted dude....

    bad term, bad you
  4. He asked a question, and he received an honest answer. If that's a problem, it's yours and idgaf.
  5. "Spaced" is already used in the newbies vocabulary.

    Adding a word is just like... Too much effort man.
  6. Wow, that guy was rude.
  7. You just officially made it a "thing" between you and your friends. If you want it to become a new term you gotta say it as often as you can. Become the trend setter my friend. I'm so space wasted that I'm supporting you. SPACE WASTED FOR LIFE
  8. One time I got so space wasted I got into playing cut the rope 2 and my friend was calling my name for about 5 minutes until I finally came back from wherever I was lol....

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  9. came up with 'burnas noches' today lol referring to if someone wants to burn later tonight
  10. I don't know I like "space wasted", has a good ring to it.

    Wraaaap the night around me, blanket of black on my back, I feel safe in the darkness...

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