Space-Time and Electro-Magnetism as Fundamental Symmetries of the Universe

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  1. All things on Earth are caught up in the magnetic field of that planetary body. We can call this ‘magnetic interference,' a magnetic interference that occurs universally on this planet, due to the interaction of 3-dimensional bodies in that field. Beyond the magnetic relationships that exist, there are also electrical relationships. These create complex patterns of electrical interference, and these define the signal that is sent from a planetary body into space. All 3-dimensional reality consists of interference patterns of these two sorts.

    Electricity tends upwards and outwards, whereas magnetism tends inwards. This symmetry defines a fundamental symmetry of the Universe. When relating information, it seems as though all things can be defined and related through symmetry. One may perhaps say the Universe is defined through a principle of symmetry. Regardless, it seems as though this is a fundamental principle of psychology/neurology, and the way the brain UNDERSTANDS the Universe.

    The magnetic principle draws energy into itself, and it is the guiding principle of cosmic bodies. Physically, this principle is represented by atomic fission, which occurs in the center of planetary and solar bodies. Electrical signals float up into the atmosphere, and thus 3-dimensional bodies connect through electricity. This symmetry defines ‘electro-magnetic energy.' Due to the universal nature of this principle of symmetry, it can be used as a guiding force relating all of reality. If we would like to look at this in a more generalized way, we can call these two forces yin and yang.

    There is another fundamental symmetry of the universe, that of space and time. This symmetry forms space-time, which exists in 4-dimensional space. The 4th dimension can be sophisticatedly modeled in many different ways. Any model should strive for numerological, conceptual, and aesthetic/visual symmetry. Each element represents essential ‘attractor-points' of space-time. These attractor points are ‘theoretical' points of non-symmetry, as in a state of complete neutrality, non-polarity. Each individual element represents a state of absolute 0 in terms of polarity. All things in the Universe represent a swinging back and forth between one of those polarities, throughout either spatial or temporal dimensions.
  2. hows gravity work again?

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