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  1. Hey guys. I'm looking to start my very first grow. I'm not 100% sure on a lot of details, like what type of lighting, what type of grow medium (hydro vs. soil), which plants, and things of that nature... but, something I think I HAVE finally confirmed is my grow space.

    I'm working with these dimensions

    CLOSET DIMENSIONS: 25Dx35Wx66H Doorway = 24wX66H

    Those are in inches. Do you guys think that I could fit a small personal grow in there? How many plants do you think I could grow in there? What should I do to the inside of it to make it grow ready? I've done a ton of research thus far, and I have a decent idea of what I'd like my end result to look like, but I still need a lot of help to get there... Any advice would be appreciated :)
  2. 2'x3'x5.5'

    You can use a 400w to illuminate that sized area and grow six plants under it. Skilled SoG growers can fit more but a square foot for each plant is a good way to start out imho. Once you get to know your strain better, you'll have a better idea of how many plants you want to put in there.

    You'll want holes for air circulation and you'll have to decide where to draw it from & exhaust it to. An appropriate sized tray covering the bottom will help you water without ruining the floor. You should seal the door edges to prevent light getting in during flowering & getting out when guests are around.

  3. Awesome. Thank you so much. What are some standard ideas for ventilation?... It's a basic closet right now. I've never done any home reno, so I have no idea what kinda setup I'd need for ventilation or how I'd go about it

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