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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by stookey, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Although this may be a marajuana forum lots of topics in this section have to deal with space, and lots of you seem to know quite a bit.

    I was just curious if the ring around saturn is solid or not? Would it be possible to land on that ring if we had the technollogy to do so?
  2. i think the rings around saturn would be better described as an asteroid belt.

    they're not solid rings. it's just a huge mass of rock and ice and dust which has been caught in saturns immense gravitational pull

    to answer your question about whether we could land on them..... well..... you could land on one of the millions of chunks of rock and ice. you'd get a beautiful view of saturn :)
  3. its weird tho isnt it, how it forms a ring and not a kindof net over the whole planet.

    does anyone know why that happens???
  4. I'm assuming it happened when the planet was formed and started spinning. Most of it pulled together into a planet, other parts kept spinning and were pulled the the out side. Centrifugal forces makes them pull out and gravity keeps them from going away. I think. ;)

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