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  1. Would I be able to grow 4 full Autoflower plants in 1 18 gallon sterilite container?
    I would think they would not grow fully and be small that's what I don't want.
  2. Nope
    Even an autoflowering plant "wants" 18 inches by 18 inches worth of footprint. It CAN be done with 12 inches by 12 inches. Per plant.

    My first plant to be grown was done in a 2 gallon pot, single plant, and deliberately dwarfed, under "200 watts" of LED lighting (true wattage 165, effective wattage *supposedly* 600-800, actually around 400) still got root choked.

    What I ended up being taught is a MINIUMUM of a 5 gallon painter's bucket per plant for a growth space. Three more crops, deliberately dwarfing them (taking them to 24" and continuously trimming until it was time to flower, due to limited indoor space), I found that 5 gallon buckets still barely suffice...when the plant was harvested and it was time to clear out the bucket, the soil came out in one huge chunk, it was so well held together by the root ball.

    When I tried DWC, I ended up losing all 4 plants to stem rot (the hydro gravel in the pot wasn't sterile, as advertised, and I found out the hard way...looked sick one morning, changed the water out, two days later, the roots broke right off the stem from the weight of the plant...and the plants were TINY), but in the 2 mioonths they survived, from fresh rooted clone to when they died, they developed root balls that went all the way to the floor of the bucket, and completely outgrew the 6" basket....about 2 gallons worth of volume of SOLID root.

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