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Space Nugs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by drummerdude49, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. :smoking:

    Here is a pic of some crazy space buds I just got today, a gram for 20. They look way better in person, but basically its just some dank buds covered in hash oil, hash, and keif, and let to dry. I loaded a bowl and it burned very similar to hash. Great stuff, gets you super stoned. :D:smoking:

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  2. excuse me while i change my underwear
  3. Space buds? Wtf.
    Looks good though
  4. AAAHHH!!! Dude that looks amazing. Would the hash oil do anything to promote mold? If so then smoke it all up at once and try to keep sane! If not, then that my friend is a masterpiece.
  5. Its completely dry now, at one point it was wet, but now its just a dense ass nug. Its small but it weighs out to .6
  6. its beautiful
  7. I like your space nugs. I wonder if Buzz Aldrin has seen this. :rolleyes:
  8. LOOKS LIKE THC! :eek::smoking:
  9. Ohhhhh.

  10. I've never seen or heard of this before. Awesome:smoking:
  11. that is the dankest dank i have ever seen on this dank earth
  12. I've tried this shit and its luscious.
  13. omg. droooool
  14. deff gunna try this sometime

  15. Thanks for the replys guys. Im loving this stuff so much, it will be gone in no time haa. 1 more bowl tonight and then one fatty tomorrow at 4:20.
  16. His first name ain't Buzz for nothin!
  17. so people just sell buds with hash oil and keef on it??

    or where you just saying that

    BTW that shit looked bomb
  18. dank shit. ive had that once before
  19. That is just fucking gorgeous.

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