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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Stylez, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. I've basicly mastered indoor growing...but outdoor im new to.
    atm im forced to do my growing outdoors :(
    so got a few q's
    1 - any tips for preparing the area im going to grow in?

    2 - How far apart should I have the plants? Im very low on spaceage. Im germinating the seeds and growing them inside till they are about an inch tall, then planting them outside, how close together should they be?

    3 - Some tricks to 'camoflauge' it...anything would area is kind of visable, need some ways to keep it ffrom the human eye.

    p.s - plz dun reply with a grow guide, enless your POSITIVE it answers each of these questions. usually I just end up searchin the grow guide n it doesnt even answer the question I can ask more q's about somthin you say if its on here. much appriciated! :)
  2. bump*..
    sure someone can answer it!
  3. i give my babies about a month before putting them outside.

    i give my babies ALOT of space...last year i had a plant 6 feet tall and like a xmas tree in size. it gave me about 7 ounces of nice thick bud....the more space, the better.

    as for keeping things away...u can use some methods but ive found that the best is to put a small fence around the base of the plant like a foot keep out the moles,voles and other rodents...they gurtle the damn things.
    the more u walk to and from the plant...the more of a trail u are gonng set and the more something is bound to follow that trail to see what is up.
    here is another trick...take a bar of irish spring...and shave off pieces around the plant or better yet...the nastiest...smellingist...most perfumed...cheapest soap u can find....and put it out around the plants....animals hate that smell.

    its all about #'s
    if u put out 20 plants...10 gonna be female...5 gonna get eaten...2 gonna get found...but 3 big ass outside plants way enough for a grow season.
  4. you could also plant some regular shrubbery or other types of plants to cover your babies. Like tomato plants or something, something that looks similar perhaps?
  5. possibly..but im growing in the woods, tomatoes would kind of bring suspicion and closer inspection
    maybe a natural plant?
  6. i find that purple plants arnt very noticeable.

    i always grow purple and purple power this year.
  7. well my babies are doin pretty good... they're about neck n neck with Stylez atm
  8. damn.... not much sun today...
  9. yep..havnt been at home to check em all day
    will have to tommorow..ill see u tommororw too ;P

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