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  1. Thinking about ordering the small titanium space case grinder. I found it on amazon for $20 cheaper than the website. Anyone order off amazon and have problems with it?
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    Probably is a knock-off, I would just order it from space case. (Never mind.)
  3. My Space Case has lasted me two years so far and it's still chomping bud like it did the day I bought it. I have the medium titanium

    Irritated when I'm not sedated.
  4. Make sure it's real, I love my space case and wouldn't trade it for any other grinder.

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  5. check the reviews on them. they will tell if its legit or not. they do have great prices on them on amazon cause im in the same boat. the 4piece titanium is like $63 compared to $95. i saw the med 2piece for $20 something so it should be legit..
  6. I got mine off amazon and it was a legit space case usually has the hook-up
  7. I got the jumbo black titanium 4 piece of amazon.

    Tis legit
  8. I ordered a medium ti 4-piece 2 weeks ago and it was a legit space case. It has worked great since the day i got it.
  9. I got a small 4 piece space case from amazon for like 40 something. It works great and is the real thing.

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  10. Space cases are the way to go got one Saturday And it shreds buds perfect couldn't be happier with it

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  11. hell yeh I got the same one youre talking about from amazon, best fucking grinder lol.

    Love the 2pc because its so much quicker then having it fall through a chamber
  12. its probly legit, amizon always has cheaper deals, i have a spacecase its duhhh best
  13. I just got a medium titanium 4 pc. Space Case from amazon. I'm impressed.

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