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  1. Sometime last year I picked up an aluminum diamond grinder (smallest size), with a pollen catcher. And it has lasted but it's beaten up. The polyurethane o-ring is loose fitting, the teeth have dulled, the inner holes diameter is too small and have to push green through with a pencil or eyeglasses screwdriver, them cause it gets stuck and clogged, the screen is too fine with it's openings so the grinder never sifted any pollen, at all (and we eventually removed the screen entirely), although it does grind things very finely(good for rolling and you want to avoid stems), and it's portability/size.

    However I realized it's beat up, an time for a new grinder. Since way back when I had heard about space case grinders, and that they where good. Although I didn't want another aluminum grinder, and space case has a titanium grinder set. This is their smallest grinder, I'll leave it to the pictures to explain, but basically, it solves all the problems that the diamond grinder had. And it does have insane pollen collection, I put a dime in above the screen (I've heard any other coin is too big or heavy), and after two grinds there was a lot of pollen.




  2. thats a nice grinder, how much did it cost you?

    im in on a search for a grinder
  3. Well I paid 79$ (83$ including shipping) although I know the medium and large ones go up above 100$ USD. For a grinder it's expensive, but the way I see it, a year form now it will still be in great shape.

  4. More than a yr my friend. I have heard reports of Titanium Space Case being thrown into incinerators by police from busts. The titanium space case is still same shape and everything. Titanium is 1 of the strongest, lightest, corrosion free, chemical and heat resistant metals on the earth. They use it on the space shuttle and airplanes. A very good buy, and that piece will prolly be around for more like 1000 yrs, lol.
  5. Titanium Space Cases are NOT made from titanium. They are made from aluminum with a titanium anodized coating on them.
  6. Too much money to throw on a grinder. I grabbed a Chromium Crusher off ebay a couple years ago for $20 and that I don't see how that thing will ever give me problems.
  7. Pass it down to your children :D
    Keep that shit in the family haha.
    I would like to get one sometime in the future, its just way to expensive for me at the moment.
    Very nice though bro :cool:
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    You should of gotten a sharpstone, similar design to the space case for a hell of a lot cheaper.
  9. im also looking to purchase a new grinder. fuck this wood bullshit, im losin all my keef. i was looking at this one, its supposedly made by space case. its 60.

    Cosmic 4 Piece Magnetic Aluminum 2 inch Herb Grinder @

    im assuming if i dont get it i should get space case, sharpstone, or chromium crusher...

    i must say, the black space case is very attractive.
  10. Well also remember that on ebay, that a massive number of things are "made by a company" when they're really just fakes, happens with electronics, shoes, and other stuff so I don't buy things off ebay really :/

    As far as it being made of aluminum Iwien, I think your right, although it would be nice if space case had an actual production website. Regardless the titanium IONIZED COATING does give it an extra bit of help.

  11. I bought from an extremely reputable online supplier, and it came warrantied so I doubt it was fake. If it is fake, then whatever because the grinder still kicks ass, the diamond teeth are still razor sharp and it makes short work of even the shittiest weed. I will throw in, however, the teflon O-ring wore out, but it still grinds without creating any metal shavings or anything so :smoke:

  12. and double the metal shavings!:smoke:

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