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  1. Hello fellow blades, I'm about to purchase a new grinder after 2 years of using a cheap plastic grinder that I thought did the job well. I use a Silver Surfer and want a good grinder to give my weed justice when I vape.

    My question is which grinder will work better with small ammounts? I'm leaning towards the mini because the holes are slightly smaller than the small version. However, Space Case only makes the small through large sizes in Titanium and the Mini is the regular material.

    I'm looking at a 4 piece to buy to collect the kief. Thank you very much for your input.
  2. I have the medium titanium, and wouldn't really want it any smaller, but I've seen the small and it seems ok.

    I'd go with the small over the mini, or "scout" or whatever its called.

    Either way its gonna be better than every other grinder on the market.
  3. nope, santa cruz shredder all the way
  4. Those holes are huge though, especially for vaping

    I bought a 4 piece Sharpstone off amazon for $25, 1.5" diamter

    Its much smaller than I expected, but the holes are the perfect size for vaping

    I've owned a 2.2" Sharpstone for 5 years with no problem, plus they're cheap
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    Yeah, the OP was asking about a 4pc, but I agree with ya regarding the 2pc being better for vaping.
  6. I suppose I could sacrifice a 4 piece for a 2 piece if it would grind better. I just thought that a 4 piece would be a better investment.

    Is Santa Cruz Shredder better than Space Case in build quality and ease of keeping it resin free?

    Thanks for your replies!
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    I've heard from a lot of people that own ti Space Cases and every one of them preferred the Santa Cruz Shredder. They said that the build quality was just as good if not better, but what they REALLY liked was that not only did it provide a consistent grind, but it also provided a consistent fluff, which I don't think I've seen any grinder do.

    But, if your bud is on the moist side and not really dry, the Space Case will cut through it a bit easier, but..........without the fluff.

    I'm seriously thinking about getting one, but if I do, I gotta go with the 2pc 'cause I vape and need a finer grind.

  8. Ok I'm sold, I was kind of in the air with which one I was going to buy but from reading FC and the comments here, I think I'm going with the Shredder.

    I'm looking at different sites and I can't understand their sizing.
    Does SCS list their sizes from mini, medium, and large?

    Also, how big is the medium compared to the smaller size? I can't really picture it as I've never seen one in person.

    I usually grind a bowl at a time and will only go through a half gram to a gram per day.
  9. I'd get the medium. About 2" in diameter. About a 1/4" larger than a small Space Case.

  10. Thank you for the input! I went ahead and bought a 4 piece medium after all.
    Santa Cruz Shredder OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE | Medium 4-Piece (Green) **New Limited Edition**

    I decided it would be better to own a 4 piece due to the ability to just flip the grinder upside down to get a fine grind and the fact that I'll never have to buy a good grinder ever again especially since Santa Cruz Shredder has a lifetime warranty on their grinders which is amazing in itself!

    I cant wait for it to arrive! I'm so stoked!
  11. pretty much anything made by sharpstone imo

  12. I went through 2 Sharpstones and 2 no-names before I finally got a Space case, 3/4 (both sharpstones) broke relatively quickly, and they all got about 1/10 of the kief of the SC.
    Lotta hate for that brand.

  13. Yeah, agreed.

    I think the top performing brands are (in no particular order)

    Space Case
    Santa Cruz Shredder
    MFLB Nano and Finishing Grinders
    Storz & Bickel Acrylic
  14. The only thing I'm shocked about is that there are NO videos on youtbe of a review of the SCS that is made by a regular person, all of them are made by the company.

    Id really like to see better in depth videos of the quality of the grind. I do have confidence that this grinder will be the end all 4 piece because fluffy grinds sound like it will work amazing for vaping.

  15. Check out the Herb Grinder thread over at FC. LOTS of reviews on the SCS.
  16. I love my SCS. The herb is sooooooo evenly ground and fluffy. I can take a pick of the contents in mine if you want?

    I vape btw, and it is perfect.

  17. Sure could you please do that for me in comparison to a dollar bill?
    Id really appreciate that.

    How many turns does it usually take to get the bud in the consistency that you like?
  18. [​IMG]

    Oops.. Forgot the bill.. But it doesn't take many turns at all, it'll just fall into the storage part when it is done.

  19. What about Mendo Mulchers?

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