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Space Case dilemma...

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by projektzwo, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone, first of all i want to apologize for my English. So i have read many articles, suggestions & etc. about what kind of grinder i must buy. The choice is really big, but everything and everyone push me to get a SPACE CASE, it's pretty expencive but i think it worth it every $. After all i decided to get a 4pc medium Space Case (2,5'), but here it is the dilemma, what's better the TITANIUM version or the pure aluminium (silver) one? I prefer the titanium, because as i know it's more reliable, no finger prints and better look :D
    I'll be waiting for Your qualified answers.
    And if there is more good grinder than Space Case i prefer to know. Thank you in advance.

  2. I got the SpaceCase in titanium for 4 reasons:

    It won't scratch as easily as the regular SpaceCase will.
    The teeth will stay sharper for a longer period of time.
    The resins won't stick as much to the anodized titanium as it does with the regular aluminum.
    It's sexy lookin'.

    I've had mine for about 2 months now, and it works great, but...............I use a Purple Days vape and it likes a pretty fine grind, finer than any 4pc grinder can grind, so for me, I use a good pair of stainless steel scissors now instead of the grinder. Works better...........for me.
  3. I've got the titanium and am glad I did for basically the same reasons as stated above. I love it...durable and grinds better than my Sharpstone and Kannastor did.
  4. And if i get a 4pc grinder with keif screen i must use a pollen press, in that case if i dont have/use a pollen press isn't better to get a 2pc grinder, i'm really curious...

  5. Nope. No need to get a pollen press. I just sprinkle a bit of loose kief on a bowl of bud. Kinda like putting salt on a salad or sugar in your tea. :)
  6. I have the 4 piece medium titanium, its great but too big for me I should have taken the small one.

  7. Yup. I only vape really high quality bud for myself, so I didn't need the medium. The small one works great.
  8. actually here in Bulgaria is very hard to find some high quality budz, so i think the small one will work great...
    thanks for the answers. :hello:
  9. I'm curious. How hard are the penalties in Bulgaria for possession of MJ?

    Btw, no need to apologize for your English. Your English is better than many here whose ONLY language is English.;)

  10. It depends of that how much do u have...
    As a matter of fact the local police caught me one time with ~1.0gr. but i was lucky and just paid 250euros. It's illegal, but when u have one bud or one cone - actually there is no problem...
    The main problem is that the weed becames pretty much expencive, it's more expencive than the gold, but this fact couldn't stop me smokin' every day :D
  11. hahaha love it, thanks for the laugh +rep

    Hey you know you can grind the bud upside down to make it superfine right? You may not catch crystals but if your bud is dry you can pulverize it into powder.
  12. If you go this route than just buy a 2pc.
  13. and what about the SCOUT versions, they're really small ones and i think for 1-2gr. are perfect, but i don't know how good they'll grind/sift the budz...
  14. I think that's the one I have, about 34mm across, works a treat, sifts the same as a large model. More than large enough for a decent bowl or about 2 loads worth for a good sized J.

  15. So you don't have problems with stiff buds - the blades are as sharp as the large ones and is it good for collectin' kief?
  16. I have the medium 4pc. silver space case. i've never looked back on it.
  17. I've owned three space cases in my life, so I feel like im the foremost authority on them :p. And none of them ever BROKE or got super dull blades or came with loose shavings around the threads or ANYTHING. I bought it, and used it, worked and still works perfectly.

    my first was a small 4pc normal space case. I purchased this one about 4 years back, so they didn't even have the titanium ones, and the style is different (the top didn't have rounded edges at all, completely flat), and this was probably my favorite one. I used it for about a year with no problems or qualms, still functioned as well as the day I got it. Taken by the cops :(

    my 2nd one was just a medium sized 2pc grinder. Worked great, I actually found the grinding action be much finer (since theres no holes for the bud to fall through, the more you grind the finer you can work it), but it still left lots of keif around the corners of it. I had purchased this one with my roommate, and when the year ended and we were splitting ways he bought it off of me.

    3rd and current space case is a 4pc small titanium one. I really really like this one, I only opted for the titanium because it was a new sight for me and looked so sexy. Ive been using it for about 9 months and it works great... only problem is i've noticed its only a titanium coating and with time i think it rubs off... Its slightly fading on the bumps that cover the top that you turn to grind... idk Ill have to show you some pics whenever I get back home... I love this one though, im faithful that the titanium isint being rubbed all into my nuggets, and even if it does it remains inert so it wouldn't release fumes or toxins when you cheefed it, AND im using a bong or bub 99% of the time so it would get stuck in the water if it somehow managed to make its way all the way into the bud.

    I've seen lesser grinders break teeth on huge stems (and they were not plastic), or have metal shavings all over the inside when you buy them.

    AND as for the space case scouts, they do not have a screen in them inhibiting them from having any type of keif collection. They are taller than the normal 4pce space cases, and basically the top is a grinder and the bottom part is a stash can so you can store more herb... great for concerts i bet.
  18. i dont know if anyone said this already but look on ebay they have them for pretty cheap compared to other places

  19. I've never seen new SpaceCase's being sold on Ebay. Can ya give me a link?
  20. well it depends. if i were you, i would go with the titanium one considering what you just said about the prints and stuff. the titanium grinder will probably have better studs and if u want a nice fine ground up stash of bud, then you should get the titanium one. this is great for blunts and joints. also the smaller the marijuana pieces, the more the thc will be released when heated. Personally, I have a lil no name-brand grinder that i bought at a gas station for 10 bucks. its metal and is a 3 piece; grinder chamber, bud chamber, and kief catch. it works great and i absolutely love it. Even though it is kind of cheap, i smoke out of pipes and bongs a lot, so i dont like to have the bud too fine because it will just fall through the hole of the bowl. so, if you smoke a lot of bowls, getting a grinder that grinds it up good, but just not as fine, would be a good idea. this is what my grinder does, and i love packing bowls with it; always get a good high! also the reward is great after a while of using it because of all the kief you collect. Mine is about half full, and i've been using this grinder for about a month or so straight saving the kief.

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