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  1. Hi i'm planning to buy one of these quality machines, i'm stuck at whether to get the medium 2.5 inch diameter or 3.5 inch large one, for those who own a 2.5 inch grinder, is it big enough to grind a lot of herb? enough to grind 1/8 at once? or should i opt for the large one? i've nailed down the exact grinder all i need is advice on either medium or large, i like medium although im afraid it may be too small? i will be taking it out, (in a bag, not in my pockets). Also i'm sure this has been asked before, but if i grind up 1/8 of an ounce every fortnight, how long till i have a 'significent' amount of kief?
  2. i have a 2" 4piece grinder that works quite well, you wont grind a full 1/8 with a 3.5, personally i'd save money and go smaller. also, i sprinkle the keif on some joints when i get done grinding alot down, couldnt tell ya what the weed to keif ratio is. most likely depends on the grinder.
  3. I say go for the smaller one cuz the big ones are hard to conceal

  4. I'd say no, the medium will not be sufficient for your use. I have the(2-piece, but same) medium ti SC and it fits prolly 2.5 maybe 3grams at most(estimated). The large would be better suited for grinding that much at once, imo, but as whohulk pointed out if your point is to conceal, go medium.

    Grinding those amounts, you will have alot of trichs in a short period of time
  5. Go medium. The 3.5 is ridiculously large, and the 2.5 can still grind a lot of herb. Not 1/8th though.
  6. Thanks for your responses, I'm going for the 2.5 inch medium one, theoretically, if you extracted out the kief and used it all on a joint, will the remaining weed be less potent since it lacks the trichomes ?

  7. Not a difference you would notice. Plenty more where those came from, lol.
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    Fortnight = 14 days

    Not very much weed :(

    At that rate you could have a small bowl after a year or two :p

  9. He probably found his answer over 2 and half years ago. ;)
  10. Unless he's French then a fortnight is 15 days.
  11. I am thinking of buying the medium titanium Space Case. Is it really worth the $75?
  12. Yes.
    I don't own the Ti version, but I feel it's worth the extra money.
    The Santa Cruz Shredder would be my first choice though. Cheaper too.
  13. Is it worth $75? Yes it is. In my opinion, you get what you pay for with grinders. I'm on my second SC, and if I ever need another grinder, I'll get another SC. My first is still in use. I gave it to my niece and she uses it frequently. The only reason I replaced it was because I wanted to try the titanium and I'm very happy that I did. By the way, mine is medium and I'm happy with the size to.

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