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Space bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Daaank, May 25, 2010.

  1. I was thinkin about this the other day. What if aliens or some other life on some distant planet has bud growing on it? What if there is weed somewhere else in the universe. Thinking about this this blows my mind.

    THere has to be some life out there and theres bound to be drugs some way or another. So why not imagine it being bud.

    And if they have the best kind. Like instead of using soil or water (hydro) they just let them orbit around their planet and space grows them, with the help of watering.

    Lol, just a thought.:smoke:
  2. you need oxygen to grow marijuana. floating in space wouldnt work. unless it was in some sort of capsule. but then whats the point of it floating in space...
  3. Wouldn't the aliens also need oxygen to survive?
  4. haha maybe the alien's have a version of weed plants that are able to grow without oxygen. i can just imagine them having all these high-tech instruments and junk and only able to grow nasty weed, and we come in our crappy little spaceships with our crazy weed haha
  5. lol yea like you know how animals adapt to their enviroment, so the same with this. their weed adapted to the outerspace enviroment. if this is on some level real, im pretty sure their weed is way better then ours...AND I WANNA TRY HAHA
  6. UVC rays would kill the plants
  7. What if our weed is legendary compared to theirs.
  8. Or what if their shit is crazy?
    Like amazing shit.

    Galaxy Kush

    ^^^^that would be their mids
  9. Our weed might not be, but I know our acid would be.
  10. well since there body chemistry is proubably idffrent then ours it could be toxic, or they could be just like us, anythings possible
  11. I kindasorta don't really care. I think the concept of aliens is interesting enough.
  12. captaaaaaaaaain buzzkill! Awayyyyyy!
  13. well think about this; If Marijuana never becomes extinct in the entire existence of the universe and humans eventually colonize other planets. They will bring plants and theres a good chance eventually marijuana. So eventually with a new environment the strain will adapt to this new environment. Imagine a planet where the gravity is very high and it adapted by growing way bigger and stronger or anything else you can thing of. It will probably happen to many species(not saying specifically growing bigger, just changing) including humans
  14. you cant just say no because theres no oxygen in space or uv rays
    the earth in a space but most planets have a protective atmosphere
    if were being creative enough to think of aliens farming pots
    i think we could imagine at least one more planet in this endless universe
    with the capabilities to have oxygen or water

    but i have to agree. assuming there is life out there somewhere
    there's probably plant life right there with it
    and im sure they would eventually find the drugs
    just like the Indians did for us
  15. Okay, first off all, it is as unlikely to find cannabis out in space as it is to find domesticated cats. It just makes no sense and I honestly don't see how you can think that that is even a possibility if you know shit about evolution.

    Second, who says alien life would need oxygen like a lot of life on Earth does?

    THC just affects the body in a certain way; so does coffee. So does eating a lot of salt. 'Drugs' aren't real, it's just an arbitrary label. So, yes, it is incredibly likely that there are things that elicit strong responses from alien life and possibly even human life in the universe. The chances of it being weed or really even resembling, not really.

    This thread just sounds really stupid, sorry.

  16. [ame=""]Dailymotion - Buzz Killington A tribute - a Film & TV video@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
  17. Cool story bro.
  18. I've thought about this topic so many times, and I'm so happy to see a thread about it.

    I completely agree about there being other life on other planets in other galaxies in the endless universe; I also think it's ridiculous to deny that there is (not bashing on people's beliefs, 'cause you're going to believe what you believe, not trying to change that).

    And if aliens are anything like we think they are, like they're displayed on History Channel documentaries and movies, with their high-tech space ships that go from 0-1000 in a nano-second, and travel from the depths of the ocean directly back up to space, damn right they're gonna have some bomb ass weed. If aliens really are able to visit our planet with the shit that they've been claimed to have, they're obviously far ahead of us, and I can only hope they've discovered weed, and ways to make shit out of this world, literally.
  19. Think of what smoke would do in zero gravity.

    And trying to pack a bowl, lawl.
  20. Imagine taking a bong hit in 0 gravity and it all shoots out the top into your mouth. Or you bust your dope up and its floating in the air while you chase it with a bowl trying to pack it.

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