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    Sup Grasscity so a couple months ago I got a sovereignty up gridded steamline. Before I bought my sovereignty I had another bong with an hi si ash catcher and as much as I love that ash catcher, I need an upgrade, so what ash catcher should I get? 180 degrees and 18mm. I'd love a price between 150-300, but if its 300+ still post it. I wana see that heady glass :)
    In return, a milk.

    Also, the only place I shop for glass in GS and Aqua, dose anyone know any websites that sell higher grade pieces like aqua? AKA Toros, Illadelphs and Sovereignty?

    Thanks alot! :bongin:

    ... I spelt question wrong :(
  2. I wish I had a beautiful piece like that.
  3. They are actually called "Stemlines" not Steam lines.
  4. Well I spelt it right in the title. :D
    And Yeah BikingStoner I got it back when it was 310 on Aqua, now its 320. Still worth every cent.
  5. actually no you put Steamline Not Stemline. No A in the stemline brother.

  6. You just blew my brain open.. Why have I been calling it the steamline.. :/ Regardless I love it.
    it figures the guy with "GLASS: Sovereignty" in their sig would know..
  7. It's weird you don't have to take the bowl out to clear it.

  8. It comes with a 4 hole bowl that has supper good air flow, I usually just pack the bud really tight then when its cashed I just pull really hard and the ash makes a little popping sound and the ash just goes in the A/C and It clears.
  9. In that price range I would look at 2011bc ashcatchers, and also try contacting any blowers you like directly about making an A/C. I can recommend GMD/GWO, though I haven't used the A/C yet it looks fantastic and I have one on the way. I know smilyagent on here can make an A/C well in that range too, and you can also just email most blowers and ask, many of them take custom orders.
    For 300+ you can get a lot of stuff in the custom world, usually very functional and a good bit of colorwork, maybe even a few marbles or extra heady work.
  10. I've been looking at the GMD thread on this fourm and I loved what I saw, beautiful pieces, and extremely good priced! What do you think I would cost me for a 8 arm Tree A/C thats not worked?

    Edit: I also sent them a quote request! How long dose it take for them to get back usually?
  11. Your best bet is to email them about quotes, I don't know how their prices work for everything, but if I had to guess I would say probably 150 or so, though I dont think I've seen an 8 arm by them before...mostly inlines and showeheads. (The gridded showerheads look fantastic.
    And just to save you the time of looking, the email is
    or aaangelicaaa on this forum.

    Lol, didn't see the edit, but they generally respond quickly, sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days. Shouldn't be long at all.
  12. Yeah, I'm defently thinking about getting a gridded showerhead. Thanks alot for all the help!
  13. Get an Itza gridded circ., had one myself once upon a time.. got it brand new for $165, liked it a lot.

  14. Itza is great too, and I believe you could talk to them about getting it worked. (In the OP you said "heady glass" so I assumed you wanted color work)
  15. Well I'm actually looking for something thats not worked, I just wanted to see the best of the best. Hahahahha. And I really do like pretty glass. But I don't have any worked pieces and when I get that kind of cash, I kinda want to buy a matching set AKA Bubbler and Oil dome or Bong, A/C, and Bowl.
  16. op ur already addicted to glass dont DO IT!!!!!!!! JUST SAY NO!!!:p

    its too hard, just give in, its too beautiful:cool:
  17. I feel all the high end a/c are worth it, but I would recommend a 2011bc a/c. stacks like a beast and has no drag with my stemline.
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    Yeah, right now its just decisions.. I'm defently looking at a torro circ A/C...
    I might be a little bit of a brand whore hehehehhe.

    I would go for the 2011 BC but they are SO hard to find..
  19. Here's a couple of my A/C's.....





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