Sovereignty King Stemline

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  1. I've been wating for one for so long. I finally have the funds. How on earth can I get somene from aqualabs to reserve one for me...seeing how they go sooooo fast when they come on the site. I need one. What is the best way to snag one? any suggestions????
    appreciate it
    ps. im on probation and this is the bong ive wanted since i got arrested so i want it for when i get off which is in a month!!!!! so excited.
  2. They usually have them in stock every week or almost alawys every 2 weeks. Its not that hard to grab them... just check everyday. Check local headshops?. Order now use after probabtion? So many different options man. I dont know aobut porbation but i would imagine buying a "water pipe" is totally legal because technically it is used for tobacco.
  3. Glass Snipe. Gotta just get lucky. Add ALT to your facebook and check it frequently. You can get a drop on people that way.
  4. Ya, im tryin to get a jump on the competition haha. I want that bong to be the first thing i rip when i get off probation. Only 1 and 1/2 more months.:hello:
    I always miss out when ALT has them but i guess ill prolly just have to get lucky.
  5. lol I want a kingstem too. (my next piece)

    I had the money for one a lot of times...just when i'm ready to place the order its out of stock or any SG in general reason why I have a SGW.

    They will always come in stock just remember might be hard but whatever.
  6. Get a BM Sub when they are available also.

    Edit: BM-Boromarket

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