Sovereignty King Stem Line

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    [ame=]King Sovereignty Stem Line - YouTube[/ame]


    Thickness: 5mm
    Height: 18.00" inches Tall
    Body Diameter: 75 mm
    Mouth Piece Diameter: 38 mm
    Base Diameter: 5.50" inches
    Joint: 18 mm Female
    Diffusers/Peculators: Gridded Stemline 9 Slit Upgrid
    Three Ice Pinches
    Label: Sovereignty Black Reflection Label
    Made in California


    Finally, Sovereignty is here for the Professors Review. I've been waiting quite some time to pick this piece up and do a review for the industry. This is a beautiful tube and Sovereignty is definitely one of the top blown glass companies in the industry thanks to its superb craftsmanship and functionality.

    The Sovereignty King Stemline consists of a Stemline Gridded Perc that hosts 9 rows. The gridding technique used definitely allows great filtration and very little drag. There is very little drag and zero choke. I was extremely happy after hitting this piece due to the fact that the zero drag allowed for a giant smooth hit. The hit is extremely smooth and allows one to take massive hits without realizing how much smoke was inhaled. The flow of the piece is great and enters the lungs very nicely and at a smooth gradual pace, unless one wants to get hit in the chest at the end, then one can pull as hard as they want before exhaling.


    The King Stemline is superb when it comes to Diffusion/Filtration. The Gridded Stemline perc allows for a massive hit that tastes well and leaves the user medicated due to the fact that one doesn't realize how much smoke he or she is inhaling. All of the holes fire in each role in this piece which is why each hit is smooth. Sovereignty gridded the stemline with the gridding facing upwards. Personally, I like my pieces with the gridding facing upwards but I have seen some tubes designed with their gridded rows facing downwards. The gridding on the stemline is done nicely and the hit taken from this piece is deceiving because the smoke enters the lungs at a cool diffused rate. Each hit made me fall in love with the piece more and more because I was able to take massive hits while enjoying the taste of my flowers.


    The tube itself is amazing and looks beautiful when clean. The King Stemline uses a 9 row gridding technique that is nicely flamed polish for a superb finish. The piece sparkles and leaves the user in awe when looking at it. The piece was blown with great skill and uses top of the line raw materials. The glass is thick, especially at 5mm, and the piece is heavy and sturdy. These are all signs of great, hand-blown, American craftsmanship. The piece is nicely fused and the functionality of the piece definitely matches the look. As for the perc, the bubbles stack quite high and allows for a great hit due to the gridded peculator. The bubbles stack when the water is at room temperature, so try not to put cold water in or the bubbles may not stack as high. The piece also is labeled with a Green & black label and looks great in the light. The piece functions great due to the elite skills put into blowing this piece.


    This piece is amazing and priced at a great price. I picked this tube up for $350 a few days ago and I am in love with this piece. For $350, you get a piece that is nicely crafted, has superb function ability, and allows for a gigantic smooth hit. The piece is definitely a daily driver for all the smoking connoisseurs out there. I would definitely love to do another review on this company especially since their craftsmanship is top notch.

    The Company:

    Sovereignty Glass is a small, artist-based company in Southern California blown by Steve. Most stores that carry Sovereignty pieces don't hold on to them for long because they sell out rather quickly. Sovereignty is known for precise assembly, clean welds, and superior functionality. Steve is definitely on top of its game and sets the standard when it comes to top blown glass. Their gridded downstems and pieces stack quite nicely and allow for elite hits.


    The Sovereignty King Stemline is an elite tube that definitely outshines a lot of its competition. The glass is blown nicely and allows for one of the best hits on the market. Massive hits can be taken at ease thanks to the great filtration and diffusion of the gridded stemline. This is definitely one of the best stemline pieces on the market and does live up to its "KING" stemline name. I will definitely be doing more reviews on their pieces since they are beautiful and functional pieces.

    **If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and leave your
    thoughts and comments in the thread. THANK YOU**


  2. Nice write up! What kind of slide are you using in the video?
  3. looks like a push to me
  4. love my king. nice review. really doesnt do it justice until you hit one of these haha
  5. very nice. im waiting to get one of their mini bubblers...i just can't find one.
  6. @tokin&jokin - Thanks for viewing and commenting. I am using the standard single hole bowl that comes stock with the piece but will be purchasing a disk diffused bowl to allow for more airflow.

    @alternatefever - Thanks for the comment. The piece hits like a champ and lives up to its "KING" name.

    @ilikebeer - I appreciate the support and views. Thanks

    Thanks for all of the views and comments. I appreciate the love you all have shown the reviews. I'll be reviewing a new piece soon as well.

    Stay Lifted & Gifted

  7. I thought they all came with 4 holes?
  8. [quote name='"Nate489"']I thought they all came with 4 holes?[/quote]

    ^ this. Either that or a BW DD slide (not sure if that is just @qua or not)
  9. @Nate489 - Usually, they do. But I bought it from a headshop in Orange County and this is the stock bowl it came with, but will definitely be switching to either an Ice Pinch bowl or DD bowl.

    Thanks for the comments @tokin&jokin. I appreciate the comments and thoughts guys
  10. awesome review man! sick pick up! Burn them greens from the mainland !:smoking:
  11. Just picked up the same exact piece a week ago - I'm upgrading from a 7 year old german ROOR Icemaster with diffusor downstem that I recently broke. So far I'm really happy with the purchase.

    I've been out of the whole glass scene for a long time so when my ROOR broke I was looking exclusively for Toro glass - didn't really know of any other companies aside from them and ROOR. I'm glad I found out about SG tho because they make a really awesome piece and it's very reasonable. I was even looking at replacing my broken ROOR with the same exact setup (ROOR 5mm Icemaster w/ diffusor) and it came out to more than the SG King Stemline! Only thing I don't like about this piece is the logo....really minor complaint but I just think it looks terrible and out of place on the bong. Lol, aside from that tho, it's awesome!

    Included a pic of the SG Stemline straight outta the to a Rothko print.

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  12. @milkthisnao808 - Thanks for checking out the video and thread. The piece is ridiculously smooth and stacks like a king. You know I'm staying Lifted & Gifted. Kudos to you and your videos as well

  13. @kidmoe85 - Great Pick Up! its definitely an upgrade from a .de ROOR, however those are classic pieces that are a must have in every glass collectors collection. I'm sorry to hear about your tragedy, but I'm glad that you did pick up the King Stemline. JP TORO does great work and his tubes are magnificent, but Steve Sovereignty blows superb glass as well. You can't go wrong with either pieces, but this piece is great as a daily driver! Great Pick, and thanks again for reading the review

    -DProfessorKush aka Professor Kushington

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