Sovereignty Gridded 180 vs Alex K Showerhead?

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  1. Exactly what the title asks. I just picked up a ZOB 18 inch blue label, and was looking to upgrade the downstem.

    If given the choice, which would my fellow blades choose?
  2. No perc? Alex K.
  3. although ive never tried i would go with the alex k, will save you 20 dollars if im not mistaken and alex k shower head is a very very quality downstem
  4. At this point it's just a standard straight tube, I figured I'll upgrade the downstem in the next week or two, then look into some quality ash catchers.

    I need to pick up a nice bowl piece, too.

    Trying to get a fully customized set up at some point.
  5. I'm in the same situation, and I'm going Alex K.
  6. [quote name='"freshboii"']I'm in the same situation, and I'm going Alex K.[/quote]

    I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully I can get out to J Friendlys next weekend.
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    What I've figured out:

    $150 for a quality strait tube
    $40 for an Alex k down stem
    $100 for a decent ash catcher
    And you're in to it $290 total

    Or.....just pick up something that rocks right off the bat like an sg king stem for $350ish and have a lot better rig.

    Personally I went route 1 just because I couldn't afford to shell out $350 all at once, and I do like just having a simple tube so I can use it during parties with less worry than breaking out a sovereignty at a party...

    Just realized that was way off track.....wonder why hahaha.
    To answer your question, I'd just get the Alex k and save the $20. But both rock.
  8. I'm actually splitting the cost of everything with this girl that I blaze with all the time. Like you said, can't afford to shell out all of the money at once, so having a piece that I can play around with works well.
  9. I'm actually picking up an Alex k. stem sometime this week. Im a fan of his work, and have an awesome bowl blown by him too. Personally, I prefer a nice straight tube, being that I like to change stuff up a lot.
  10. for both of you i would pick up an alex k shower head down stem and also a mcfinns carbon filter or a locally blown carbon filter. will cut the cost a good amount and i personally prefer the carbon filter. much smaller, cleaner smoke, cleaner bong, better high and better taste if you ask me. less harsh

    edit- carbon filter will cost you 60-70 tops aswell. local one will probly be around 40
  11. I like Alex K a lot better, the Sovereignty gridded is a crazy downstem with a lot of grids - but regardless of whether you tilt it or not - the holes will never fire evenly.

    So if your tube is tiltable - the Alex K is the bomb.
  12. Anyone else have any suggestions? I think I'm pretty much sold on the Alex K, but I'd still be open to any other options.
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