Sovereignty glass in pa?

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  1. Hey guys Ive been saving up all my change and decided to cash it in. So i've got about $500 and am looking for a sovereignty and considering how hard it is to get one offline I'm wondering if anywhere in pa or new jersey carries sovereignty. Other wise i'm probably going to get a bc2012 netline at primal. Thanks
  2. Haven't seen them sold on the Pittsburgh side and I've been to shop from cool ridge in wv to Jamaica junction in state college.
  3. there closed today but ill give them a call in the morning thanks for the lead
  4. They do not :(
  5. Just go Aqua online.
  6. Yeah man, if you're in the Western side of the state stuff like Sovereignty will not show up in stores.

    Ohio has some great headshops but I'd say your best bet is from *******
  7. J Friendly's is your answer. They have 2 headshops, one in Towson, MD and the other in New Brunswick, NJ and they get Sovereignty all the time. Not sure if the NJ store keeps that much SG but I know the MD one does. They also ship. But, beware of prices is all I will say about that.

    or aquaticlaboratoriestechnologies dot com as people have said

    and if you didn't mind used glass, you could easily find a king stemline or normal stemline on one of the facebook glass for sale groups for a good price
  8. Those will both be a kind of long drive but well worth it. Do they have a Facebook page or a website with a number by any chance?
  9. They have facebooks but there isn't much on them. The owner is named Jon Allison and he puts a lot of pictures on Facebook.

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