Sovereignty Glass In Canada?

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  1. Hey GC,
    i was interested in buying a sovereignty but the only place i can get it from is *** and they are always sold out.
    Does any1 know of a shop in Buffalo or somewhere close to Canada that carries sovereignty??
  2. Pretty sure liquid chrome in Barrie carries Sovereignty glass.
  3. just order it online.

  4. Thats pretty much becoming impossible hahaa.
  5. nah, they dont.
    i was there yesterday and i asked them, they said its to hard to get sovereignty and that they were tempted to go all the way to cali to ship it over themselves.

    and ordering it online, will never be available because its sold out every time i check.
  6. you guys are not very enterprising. there are many ways to get sovereignty. boromarket, facebook, have you considered some shops would even be willing to ship to you?

    I've seen like 6 sov. pieces for sale on FB just today :O
  7. yea just head over to boromarket.
  8. :wave: Hi-Times in London Ontario is the only shop you'll find SG glass in Canada. They currently have pillars, 50/5 upgrids,king and mini king stemlines. Just google hi-times London to find the facebook page. Hope that helps. Peace!

  9. lol obvi store promoting. But it's true I live in London and they do have SG's , filthy awesome ones at that.
  10. Hi-times in london carries SG, but a couple other shops that also carry SG but dont have quite the traffic as ******* is MADE.Chicago, check them out on facebook, i got my 60mm natty bend upgrid from them , payed 400, (while they were on ******* for $350 they get sold out sooo fast that its not even a chance your going to get one). Had it shipped out here to vancouver I did end up getting RAPED on duty charges, had to pay $72 at my door to the mailman, but i really wanted the peice so i didnt care,
    Another shop that carries SG and will ship to canada is The funky Monkey smoke shop, i also found them on facebook, they were super cool with me and really easy to deal with. I personally have found it really easy to deal with stores pages on facebook, because you can easily communicate with them through messages and there is always a written history for everything
  11. Im looking for a nice SG piece or a nice toro tube and cant find any in Calgary. The next level carries lots of nice oil rigs but not too much higher end bongs for flowers.

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