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    okay so wouldn't it be sweet if you were your own citizen, cops can't come on your property, write you a ticket, GUESS WHAT IT'S TRUE!!!!! this would be called a sovereign citizen.

    Basically you claim 1 million from the government, and you become your own citizen but still live in the us. cops can't come on your property without a good reason, basically you have to be involved with an ongoing investigation. they can pull you over but you read off this card saying that you will pursue legal action if they try anything and it's a bunch of legal talk and the cops just turn around saying have a nice day :hello: now obviously there is other details with this i don't no them all, all i know is that this is possible. here is a link if you want to learn more. Redemption movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    if anybody knows more about this please inform me. cause i think this is a very interesting topic. thanks in advance - stoner4lyfe- peace and love
  2. The sovereign citizen movement was quashed with a few high profile FBI raids under Clinton, and also quashed in the court system.

    There was/is an interesting case where a family in Australia declared independence from the Australian/British government/Crown... and the Australian government fucked up their paperwork in responding to the claim and accidently recognized the indepdence of that family and the few thousand acres of land they owned and farmed. Oops.

    Since then they have been unable to collect taxes on that family, and they basicly stopped trying because it was such a screw up on the part of the government.
  3. from your link:
  4. Are you talking about Hutt River Province? If so, I live about an hours drive from there, King Leonard is a fucking champ :hello:

  5. Yup :-D

    Principality of Hutt River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Out of all the attempts at creating a microstate that have been made over the years, Hutt River is the only one to have actually and functionally suceeded.
  6. you actually cannot do this in the U.S. its in the consititution i believe but it states that you cannot create your own country within the US terrirtory
  7. Read the Constitution please.
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    Yup, I do! SOON you won't need to do that redemption process for sovereignty status. We are being restored to republics and common law is being re-established quietly behind the scenes. Please check out my thread for Restore America Plan information
  9. I had a friend get into this.

    He had me watch some video of a guy from Portland who claimed he was a sovereign citizen and went in to how the government is actually set up as a Corporation.

    I believe he, as well as this movement was disproved.

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