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Souur's Nuggetry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Souur, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Wassup blades, just thought i'd start taking pictures of my flowers and share them with the City to see what you guys think. I pick up pretty often and from a few different connects, so there will be a good variety of dank.

    Purple Sour Diesel: This is one of my favorite hybrids I'vs come across in a while. The classic sour smell and buzz definitely comes through but I can't ignore the grape-like smell and heavy hitting high that comes with it :smoke:

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  2. Blue Dream: This shit was absolutely amazing... Hit me instantly every time and absolutely reeked on fruity aroma. Tastes amazing in a joint (RAWs all the way) :p

    Also all these pictures are taken with my phone camera so some of these pictures might not do the nugs justice.

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  3. It's a shame you're taking these pics from your camera. Despite the low quality of the pic itself, I can tell those are some nice buds. I hope you can come across another camera some time because your phone does not do those buds justice. :smoke:
  4. I'm hoping to get a quality camera soon, but until then I'll just have to deal with what I have.

    More pics later on or tomorrow! Let's hear what you have to say about my nuggets :hello:
  5. Danks, where you from man?
  6. Thanks man, I'm in Florida.
  7. Awesome looking buds
  8. Appreciate it dude. I was looking at your thread earlier... I'll be sure to stop and holler when I get the chance:rolleyes:
  9. No Name Sativa: This shit is frosteddd the fuck up :eek: Amazing uplifting euphoric high that lasts for longer than usual. There's also such a pungent fruity smell that makes my whole upstairs reek haha

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  10. Sounds like Jack Herer, looks dank
  11. Thanks bro.

    I'm trying to put up some of this purp i scooped up but it's not uploading for some reason..

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