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  1. Got some pictures of my city, Well my part of the city atleast. Southwest baby.

    I wanna welcome everybody to Detroit first of all.

    We doin it real big round these parts.

    We bout to take you back, Back to the ghetto. Back to the streets.

    Some springwells and vernor shit. Some southwest side shit.

    Some gutta shit.

    This right here where i stay at. Well this the main street right there. This right here is the block off Vernor and Springwells. Thats Springwells right there, Springwells is a main ass street. Vernor aient. Thas my hood, Only wish i had pics of my block to show yall what its really like.

    Another main block right by me, Vernor and Junction. Once again and a main street, Not the block.

    Now this is the gutta right here. Del mother fucking ray.

    Once again Del Ray.

    Some more of Del Ray, Del Rays like a couple minutes from where i kick it. Del Ray is a straight ghost town. Aient no where else in Detroit where you can walk for MILES and see nothing but abandonded or burtn down houses. All you'll see is crack heads and gang bangers. This where i kick it
  2. haha, ive heard of them places in ICP/Twiztid songs haha.

    MY POSSES ON VERNOR!m haha, classic.
  3. Now for some of my peoples...

    Some Folks on the block. ***** up front where the Duke is my homie. Notice the dude up in the back sportin the 'D'.

    Young G's posted on the block. Pic from Expressions Car Club.

    More of the young G's in the alley. Pic from Expressions Car Club.

    My boy Gus posted on the block, Springwells and Vernor baby.

    My boy Tree from S/W.

  4. del ray looks like the normal way downtown looks here(in all the non tourist areas)

    Then again its not really deserted

    Can you answer me this? what is the point in being in a gang(in your case the crips right?)what do you gain from it? except constantly being shot and over all a bunch of negatives.

    you cant be that poor either can you? i dont know any people in the city who have new computers/internet
  5. My boy Nick posted on the block. Springwells and Vernor.

    My boy Marcell kicking it up at adult ed. He from the block.

    My boy Gus again, Tore up at the crib.

    Gus and i aient saying her name tore up on the block.

    Fools posted on the block.
  6. when you live in gang land its very seldom that you dont join the gang. reasons 4 joining: 1) protection 2) a sense of family 3) youre around em all the time.

    its very easy to judge from the outside, but if/when you live if its a different story. thankfuly i was able to stay clear from that path....i guess you can call me one of the lucky ones.
  7. Man, If you went through Del Ray you'd be suprised. Del Ray is fucking rough. And im used to this shit and i get nervous down in Del Ray at times.

    I aient never said i was ina gang, And i deff never said i was no Crip. I aient no Crip.

    And gangs are for different reasons. I started chilling with them becuase i was 7-8 and aient know better and my bro was banging with Cash Flow. Thas how it started. And ti never stopped.

    I aient broke like i used too, Im off Section 8 and welfare but damn i miss the welfare food. But shit i aient got money thas fer sure. Aient like im proud of it.

    Right now id die for a bread and bologni sandwhich, Thas pretty bad. All we got is a couple slices of cheese. Some jelly. And like 2 slices of white bread. So yeah, We deff got money. :rolleyes:

    But naa i aient paid a dime for this computer or anything. But itnernets like $15 a month and im always the one payin for it cuz i need the fucking interent. I dunno, Usually if im at the crib and aient got shit to do ill come up on here.

    But anyways, Back to pictures cuz im bored.

    Some ghetto hotties..

  8. Point in this all? to show off how hardcore you are? looks like any other downtown area I've ever seen. I've yet to meet someone from the ghetto with a computer, and internet, you must not be to poor eh? All you ever talk about is how ghetto/gangster you are, and how hard you must be because you live in detroit.
  9. post that shit up kSR..nice man..reresent ur hood
  10. ignorance at its best.

    ive never met a blind man....does that mean that there are non in the world?

    i live in the ghetto...i have a computer, i have an LCD wanna know how i got these things? sacriface! savings!
  11. I've been to Detroit, and seen lots of burnt out houses and shit and some deserted areas like the ones you posted of Del Ray. I felt nervous driving around but I was glad I got to see certain parts of the city a lot of people miss. Just a question I saw more burnt out houses then I'd seen anywhere else is that common?

    I'm from Chi I've driven through some rough areas on the west and south sides that seemed ghetto as can be. I forgot where I was going, a southwest burb, but I remember I was stopped at a light and someone who looked like a crackhead stumbled over to my car and asked me "hard or soft hard or soft??" I kinda shook my head a lil and he wandered away to the next car. Strangely, I saw no cops in this neighborhood. There were tons of liquor stores and broke down apartments and whatnot. I saw some dudes walking around with pistols clearly tucked into their pants. People were shooting dice and smoking weed on the streets (well they were cigars or blunts you decide..). Once again, coincidently I didn't see one CPD car in this area...

    Once again I mistakenly made it into this neighborhood on my way somewhere else, but it was interesting to see a different way of life.

    Thanks for posting those pics, by the way.
  12. Wouldnt it be smarter to save that money on shit that makes your house a target to move OUT of the ghetto?

    im not nocking, i grew up in the ghetto(we moved when i was 16 to a shit house in a better area), but i still think such things are retarded
  13. no, cause that was a one time payment.

    do you know where i can get a house for $1500? didnt think so.
  14. man just stop...leave us to our threads you dont have to click on KSR threads if you dont like just go on with that shit *****
  15. No, but its a start isnt it?how about a job at best buy and an aparment in a good area with a roomate?

    Thats like bitching that you cant afford a car cause you keep buying dirtbikes, makes no sense.
  16. Setting aside that 1500$ wouldn't hurt.. 1500$ would get you a nice apartment though. Security deposit 500-1000$? 700$/month for a 2bed in suburbia. It's really hard to get out of the ghetto.
  17. paranoia13, just because he lives a different lifestyle, dont give him crap. You already said your peice. you dont need to keep going.
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  18. uh...when did i say i wanted to move out of the ghetto?

    not in Los Angeles. a 2bd rm in LA is $1200 and up.
  19. why do people feel like they can judge someone's life through an internet forum?

    "Point in this all? to show off how hardcore you are? looks like any other downtown area I've ever seen. I've yet to meet someone from the ghetto with a computer, and internet, you must not be to poor eh? All you ever talk about is how ghetto/gangster you are, and how hard you must be because you live in detroit."

    pirtdica - shut the fuck up. KSR has over 1,200 posts to your 100 and your fucking trash talking him?

    have you ever even read a day in the life of KSR thread? they are awesome to read. they are descriptive. he isn't talking about how ghetto/ganster he is.
  20. fuck the suburbs.

    not everyone wants to live there. to be honest i lived in the city of chicago for 16 years and fucking loved it. i knew so many people there, and everyone was so friendly.

    then i moved to the fucking suburbs, and i fucking hated it.

    i had never been surrounded by such stuck up rich pricks. kids driving porches and bmw to school. having thousands to blow on their cars and clothes and fake tans.

    priorities are so FUCKED UP in the suburbs. and the cops are so fucking bad. they have absolutely nothing to do other than harass teens. skating tickets and underage smoking tickets? seatbelt check zones? road blocks just to stop cars and see what's going on?

    people are dying all over the world every day, and we live in luxury. with our 12/mpg suvs, and our enormous houses, never ending food source

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