Southpark is losing it's edge to me

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  1. I have been following southpark vigorously since about the 10th season. The first two episodes of this 15th season, humancentipad, and funnybot. Does anyone else think that it is losing it's humor? Ugh. It is my favorite show, and I am scared that it is losing it's edge forever:(
  2. It seems that with every south park season the first 2 or 3 episodes kinda suck then begin to get better. Hopefully the new one on Wednesday will be funnier.
  3. Humancitipod was pretty good. The robot one was like the facebook one. There was some humor but it wasn't as good as it could have been. The MP part was funny though.

    If you started at season 10 then you might want to go back to the first 5 seasons and get a super boner.
  4. to me i think that the old south parks are the best. they were never based on some current event or movie, it was just the great characters of south park.

    now it seems they have run out of ideas for shows so they looks into the media and current events for show ideas. they have been doing this for a while now and they are slowly becoming less funny every episode. i say forget trying to base every episode on some current event and bring back the old style of south park
  5. But what other stories are there? Trey and Matt are obviously not the kind of guys that wanna just redo shit they've already done (like The Simpsons does). I like the way they do things on current events, it's not like the stories they make lick balls.
    It's not as good as it used to be but that's bound to happen.
  6. south park isn't losing it is edge
  7. They put the shittier episodes first and save the best for last
  8. Gtfoh....SP will always b the shyyyt.
  9. Don't get me wrong. I love south park. I have seen every episode 2+ times. Literally my favorite show. I hope that the season picks up. It probably will. Humancentipad.. idk. Just wasn't for me. I miss episodes like the lord of the rings one, or the succubus, or the breast cancer show ever. :/
  10. All South Park does now is satires of current events in pop culture
    Funny but extremely repetitive now
    I miss when they actually wrote jokes in the scripts, not just some abstract morals
  11. Still one of my fav shows
  12. Now I think about it, the last two episodes weren't based on recent events anyway, were they?
  13. watch the human centipede lol.
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    I thought it was pretty damn funny last season when Al Qaeda took out the encroaching Jersey Shore people. :laughing:

    "Give um hell Al Qaeda!"

    Then later they're thanking Osama Bin Laden and a guy drops in and blasts him in the head and Randy goes, "We got um"


  15. I've always hated south park.
    It's just straight bad, my view ofcourse.

    But my friends said that the first half of a season us shit then the second is great.
  16. I have (unfortunately). lol
    It's over a year old.
  17. Ya, they just do satire of recent events now. They hopefully have some good shows planned though.
  18. Southpark is dead..

    And so should be Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad, Futurama (although it's decent), and definitely, the Simpsons.
  19. I agree that South Park is riding on the coattails of pop culture too much.

    Last season had some good episodes like that Summer Camp one so I'm sure their will be some more good episodes.
  20. I just want them to develop an actual storyline, and not just do pop culture gags with some shady story :/ Whatever, guess that is why I don't produce the show.

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