southpark episode about DXM

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  1. ya that's a great episode, saw it when it first aired and I was high watching it and laughing while they were tripping.

    Theres also an episode when they all get ritalin and are always so spun haha.

    This is the best show ever.
  2. oh shit. i havent seen that episode since before i knew what DXM was. like when it aired. i love south park >_>
  3. its 4:20 here

    edit- damnit, wrong clock, lol.
  4. yeah some funny as shit right guys seen where they are all on ritalin? episode is awesome
  5. Viacom, you sly bastard, you!
  6. Damn Viacom....:mad:
  7. lol bad guys...i cant delete this thread either lol it wont let me :(
  8. omg, the first time i saw that, i was tripping on DXM

    it tripped me the fuck out
    funny as hell

    gotta love south park

    wtf is viacom
  9. viacom is the company that owns the rights to southpark apparently they took down that site.
  10. it's a great ep.
  11. [ame=]YouTube - VIACOM SUCKS[/ame]

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