southpark conspiracy?

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. i've been thinking recently that considering Trey Parker and Matt Stone no longer really have any decent material for the show and they basically want to end it. so they are deliberately making the show as disgustingly offensive as possible. i mean tonite for instance where they had oprah's talking vagina and asshole. that's not even funny to me. it just seems like horrible script writing. in the episode where they were making fun of Family Guy Cartman stated that once you get one show pulled a bunch of other ones will get pulled and the show will eventually get taken off the air. I think that 2 part series is metaphorical for what the writers want to do with the show. they just took on 'Oprah'. she is a media empire and has an extremely large amt of influence in the media. so she has the power to fuck them over by doing a campaign against them or something now.
  2. nope, i think theyre just lazy fucks who dont care anymore cuz theyve gotten a few dollars. that episode wasnt that great.
  3. i hope your right zilla.
  4. i still enjoy it. i think it's hilarious.

    Not as clever as they used to be. It's evolved.
  5. i still laugh at it. If it does get pulled, ah well they had a good run
  6. I hopeur wrong
  7. soooo do i......jesus man, i JUST noticed there is stuff behind the smoke in your sig.......LOVE IT, awesome killAss
  8. ok it wasnt that great.....I hope they stop emphaszing the graphics so muc hand get back to the subtle humor

    like when randy imagines "TH CATHOLIC BOAT" a love boat parody with priests and youngboys instead of men and women. and on the line in the them that goes like "Get some hot christian action".....and you just see randy radomly screaming in church

    or where to priest says something like "now let us bow our head in prayer LEEEETTTS GO, BRONNCOOOOS, LETS GOOO BROONNCOS."



    im glad it ended the way it did I was gonna be pissed if they made towelie quit
  9. good point man, back when it looked like cut and paste the jokes were the best.
  10. Yeah, its changed. But It's still entertaining enough to watch. I think the new plots are funny because they have to do with Modern issues.
  11. Yeah, I still enjoy watching it. It's always fun.
  12. I think the episodes when they tool on family guy are great, (not a fan of family guy myself). Didnt see this oprah one, buts its so fitting that South Park would take on big pop culture icons. I think its actually good, cause all those hot headed stars needa get tooled on by somebody.

  13. isnt that pretty much what they've been doin since the beginning? mabye not the whole first season, but from 2 and up thats all its been. a burn on pop culture.

  14. Yeah, I think so too.

    I love South Park though. They're the ONLY media that I've seen that's ever been able to take on issues like Big Tobacco rationally, and that's sad considering it's just an offensivly-funny cartoon.
  15. its running out of ideas in a hurry
  16. They always start create the episodes in less then a week to when it airs, they never really put much into the cartoon anyway

    though the towlie episode sucked
  17. In the last epiode before the oprah one, some random character said he liked family guy because "it isn't all preachy and up it's own as with messages." That was Matt and Trey poking fun at themselves because they really are getting like that. It's starting to get a little over the top but it'll take a lot more than that get me to stop watching.
  18. I don't think they'll EVER run out of ideas, just because the news keeps on covering new and weird shit for them to make fun of. Until the news stops being sensationalist (which won't happen), I think Trey and Matt won't have to dig hard for ideas.
  19. like they care if gets cancelled anyways. there fuckin rich.
  20. think everyone should shut the fuck up and stop bad mouthing southpark, if you can beat the quiz on this site, then you can bad mouth south park all you want. ive beat it

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