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  1. Well, where do I start? I'm a senior in high school, been puffin strong for about two years now. Played all 4 years of HS football, love the game, and I'm gonna miss it hella. San Diego Chargers fan since birth, Oregon Ducks fan since I moved here. I've got a shitty job at t-bell (almost 2 years now) , but fuck it's about the only place I can just toke up right there in the parking lot. And the people are tight (mostly), so that helps. I'm a simple stoner, love the buds. Don't have much money to spare on sick fuckin badass ROORs and whatnot, but I always get the chronic so it's cool.

    I hate the government, as I'm sure most of you do.

    That's about it, I'll try and be a good contributor here, wish I had a sick camera. Happy tokin'
  2. hey thats pretty cool i live about a hr and a half from S.O. i live in a little town called weed
  3. Welcome to GC mang. Glad to see another fellow OR'ian here.
    Where did you move from?
    Enjoy your stay! :wave:
  4. This is the first time I've seen another person from Southern Oregon here. Do you live near the Rogue Valley by any chance?
  5. smokin_orc: Yea I know where weed is, driven through a couple times. A pretty chill place, not as much weed as Happy Camp though haha.

    anony: Thanks bro, I moved from San Diego when I was a kid.

    fryingballs: Yea man I'm in the Rogue Valley. Phoenix, to be exact.
  6. ^This is why we have a quote button....
  7. lol, I didn't even know we had a Phoenix in Oregon.

    Why the fuck do we gotta steal everyone else's city names?

    Oh well, at least we didn't take Des Moines. *stares at Washington*
  8. Those bastards took Vancouver from us, too....
  9. oregon is whats up kids.
  10. Shit dude, you're in the 541?

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