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  1. Greetings

    I've been approved for 10 grams a day, I have my card and everything. I'm legally allowed to store 7 pounds of medical marijuana, but I'm not paying LP prices.

    Is there some kind of network of medical guys that sell to each other or something? I can get ounces for $140 in the Hamilton area, but wondering if I can do better if I find a pound.

    Anyone? Thanks!
  2. That storage limit is for people who are approved from Hellth Canada for growing their own and any pot not purchased from an approved Legal Provider is still as illegal as ever medical card or not.

    That card doesn't make you any safer if you have pot not in it's legal container with your name and the supplier info on it. Get caught with a bag of street pot and you are no better off if the cop wants to be a prick.

    You should get better educated on how it works before you get yourself in trouble. I have an 8g/day permit but not legal yet, if ever, to grow but been growing in this house since I bought it 16 years ago and many other places since '78 when I grew my first buds in Calgary.

    Even legal growers can get busted unless they are growing plants they got from a legal provider and they cost too much and are rarely the strains anyone wants for meds. Stoners just want to get messed up so anything that does that is OK by them.

    Be careful.

  3. Dude...

    I am approved from Health Canada through the ACMPR. That's hilarious you think you need the packaging to go with it, I grew a buncha bud legally last year also, it obviously never came with a licensed producer container lol

    You can specifically specify you don't need the official cuttings or starting materials when you mail away the ACMPR.

    You can't seriously tell me you spend whatever ripoff price they LPs charge, and you use 8 grams/day of it, you must be a millionaire

    edit; if you're medical and in southern ontario, the police aren't going to bother you, unless you're growing over a couple hundred plants or something
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  4. I live in the UK where all weed is illegal lol police don't really care unless you're selling weed or growing large amounts, you can have 3 plants &, it's classed a personal use ( they'll take the plants as evidence & give you a fine) that's about it lol.

    You can also be caught with up to an Oz & they'll just give you a warning & take your stash, cops here don't care about weed that much they go after people who take harder drugs/deal them
  5. Im in southern ontario as well and cant wait till july 1st when its suppose to be legal to anyone 19 n over to go buy at the lcbo every household will be allowed 4 plants.
  6. Yo have u tried parmasan ? I got 2 parms on the go packaging says straight from the U.K. its a skunk kush cross
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  7. Never heard of it dude where I live we mainly get alot of cheese,haze & White widow lol, sometimes good stuff comes around I mainly smoke hash though unless my plugs having a sale on the weed

    Alot of the time dealers won't know the strain doesn't bother me though I'll still smoke it if it looks good
  8. Im pretty sure its a cheese strain because parmasan cheese is what u put on pasta lol. Screenshot_20180407-152924.png Screenshot_20180407-152941.png
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  9. Probably a cheese strain then mate haha

    The only cheeses I've had myself are double/triple cheese,blue cheese,Lemon Cheese other then that most dealers just say it's cheese,names don't bother me though man if it smells/looks good I'll smoke some lol
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  10. Legally, unless you are an approved medpot grower, you have to have everything from a legal provider in it's approved and labeled container just like you do if you have any Pharma drugs. Not so if you are legal to grow.

    I smoke maybe 2g a week but likely injest another 5g or so in a week. When I got my first doctor's recommendation almost two years ago he was filling out the form as we talked and when we were done talking I asked about how many grams/day I could get and he showed me the form already at 8/day. I would have been happy with 5 but if I apply to grow I an do 39 plants indoors. I've had a 100 going but mostly very small plants while doing pheno selection and seed runs. 6" plants in 3" square nursery pots kinda thing.

    I live way up in BumF**K Alberta and you make front page in the local rag with a single plant. I grew up in Vancouver where even back in the 70's a cop might not even take your bag off you if you weren't a smart ass when he hassled you. Yes Sir! No Sir! Three bags full Sir! ;)

    I've been growing my own since '78 and will never, ever buy any of the 'legal' schwag that's been sold or about to be sold in 'approved' stores. I would certainly never approve any of that BS.

    Maybe try getting your message across without so much attitude. We're all here to help each other aren't we?

  11. It ain't gonna be ready to fly by July 1 and even if it passes by then it will two to three months before you see it in a store for the sheeple to buy.

    On June 7, next week, the Senate votes yea or nay on Bill 45 but it's looking like it will pass but nothing is carved in stone yet. They may pass it with certain amendments like NO home growing or smaller numbers of plants or any other BS rules they think will make more money for the greedy corporations that are running the legal grow operations we are about to be assaulted with. Just don't buy that crap. They are spraying all sorts of 'approved' pesticides and fungicides on their plants on a regular basis even if they never see a bug or PM.

    Approved for food crops but no scientific data about what it does when you smoke it. Some are approved for use on tobacco but there is no reliable studies about what they do to you when you burn and inhale them!

    There are over 600 chemicals allowed to be used in the growing and processing of tobacco and we all know how healthy tobacco is for us don't we. I've been an addict for 50 years and about a year ago started smoking naturally cured tobacco we get in leaf form then shred it and use a cig machine to load tubes. Both the wife and I feel so much better and once our stash of tobacco is gone we're both quitting. I've smoked 15 years longer than her and she can barely breathe where I can walk all day no problem. We're both under-weight and around 60. I'm 63. We're both on a caffeine and nicotine diet. It might kill us but we'll die skinny! rotflmao.gif

  12. Sorry, of course I'm here to be help when I can, I didn't mean to come off offensive -- i just wanted to clear up any misconceptions about the legality of it :)

    You wouldn't be the first guy I've heard it from that says Alberta can be rough for it.. RCMP statistically goes after people a lot more than regional police services in southern Ontario.

    I'd imagine the Vancouver police service doesn't even bother these days lol
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