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Southern MD Dank.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VAD3R, May 11, 2011.

  1. My main man, a close friend of mine, is going to be starting a family soon and is going to stop selling. I'm just curious as to what anyone else around the area is getting and for what price. I know most of my friends get dirt and I'm all about the dank.
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    Do explain.
  3. @mrj dont you even read?

    He wants to know what quality people are getting, for what price, not the number for your dealer or anything lol.

    I know MD gets dank but its pretty expensive some people say. try to make your way up the line to find someone with better prices and better bud.
  4. Move to CA.
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    I wish. :(
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    Yeah, I've tried this one guy out but he's charging dank prices for mids. That's why I'm curious as to what other people are getting and for what price.

    Thanks for clearing that up for mrj.
  7. im living in charles county waldorf area but im always in pg county and i wanted to know also what r da prices lookin like for other people in the area and quality i know where to get dank shit but i can only find it for like $65 and 1/8,
    $120 1/4, $240 1/2 and up those mite be normal to some of you who are rich but im not and i cant deal with those prices
  8. Is Salisbury considered southern md? If so I get dank 20 miles south for 60 an 8th, 110 a quarter, 200 half and 360 an Onion. Kinda steep but my friends pay usually an extra 30 for each haha. But "good" mids I will get them 20 an 8th, 30 a quarter 50 a half and 90 an O. I was getting quaps of mids back in the day for 300, but I rarely buy bulk anymore. In Salisbury I have heady connects for around the same 60, 120, 230, 420

  9. you need to help a brotha out 40mins from salisbury and id travel to PA to get an O for 90 lmao
  10. atleast the oz prices arent hitting the 400 mark

    but really more then 100 dollars for a quarter. ugh
  11. i go to skool at eastern shore, sailsbury is only 15min away...90 for an O of good mids I'd take that!

  12. Hell yeah, if you guys ever come to the beach (Bethany, fenwick, rehoboth, Lewis) pm me or something and we will chill. I love smoking down tourists

  13. skool is pretty much over now but next semester you'll see a message from me...maybe even sooner those are some steal prices lol

  14. Hahaha alright dude. Facebook me I'll pm you

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