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Southern hemisphere outdoor grow - strain help

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Salamander420, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    \nI live in the southern hemisphere and my grow site is at about 35 degrees latitude. 
    \nThe growing season runs from about mid-october through late-march early-april.
    \nMy situation: I won't be able to access my grow site until the 10th of November. I will grow seedlings on the deck for a week or so before then but I will have to have plants in the ground (or in pots maybe) by the 17th of November at the latest.
    \nHere's what I'm thinking: grow a couple of autos so I can have some smoke to last me the second half of summer. I would probably grow two and be absolutely stoked if I could yield 3-4 ounces. Also interested in gaining some experience with autos.

    On top of that, I am planning to grow 3 or 4 other plants. Here's the catch: there will be a period from mid February until early/mid-April when I CANNOT check on the plants. I will be in a different city so it's out of the question. I may have a partner but it will be his first grow. He could check every week or two and if necessary do an early harvest but I would much prefer to do that myself, as much for the satisfaction as the fact I will do a better job.
    \nThe climate is sub-tropical; warm and at times wet. From March there is risk of tropical cyclones (weakened by the time they reach grow site but still packing a ton of warm rain and strong winds). I will be able to find a grow site which gets lots and lots of warm sunshine so that is not an issue. I'm not looking to grow 10ft trees either. It is quite close to a busy holiday down so anything higher than 5 or 6 feet will be tricky to disguise. I plan to LST the hell out of my plants anyway.
    \nSo what I'm asking is what strains do you recommend, and which seed banks ship reliably, quickly and discreetly? Need a reliable auto that will yield as much as possible in 8 weeks or less. Then I need an easy to grow, low-maintenance outdoor strain. Ideally I am after a strain which will be ready for harvest in mid-April, the equivalent of the northern hemisphere's mid-october.
    \nHave already posted this in Outdoor Cultivation but thought I'd try my luck here as well. This will be my second grow so although I'm far from experienced I know what I'm doing.
    \nAny help much appreciated! Cheers

  2. How many times have you posted this ...on GC, even at 30+ posts you don't wanna piss of any Mods here, please ensure that you are over 18yo.
    I do know that if you are in the southern Hemi right now and you haven't germed any seeds yet, you are gonna have a very low yield with Pm knocking you back even further....say nothing of that weather.
    better get your shit in order
  3. @[member="vostok"] ...
    1.) i'm just trying to get some help, no need for you to be a dick about it

    2.) what have i said that could possibly have led you to the conclusion that i'm not 18??
    3.) yea no shit i'm starting this grow late, but given my circumstances it's the best i can manage, which is why im trying to make sure i run with good strains
    4.) if you've got anything constructive to say then say it. otherwise...fuck off  :smoke:

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