Southern Fried Stings

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  1. Just saw a new show on Trutv called Southern Fried Stings. I don't know if it's just showing down here in the southern states (NC for me) but it's about a group of "do gooders" that set up surveillance and bust people in the act of doing "bad" things.

    But after just watching the my first episode, it's a total joke. This stuff is so obviously scripted.

    [ame=""]YouTube - "Southern Fried Stings" Baseball Player[/ame]

    It really get's funny around 5:55, anyone notice the Tiger Wood's reenactment? Pay attention to when he "actually" runs into the car door.

    One of the worst reality shows I've seen.
  2. we get that show in canada, and my girlfriend and i agree, its fake and TOO rediculous. i just watched a bit of a episode and the mom is a drug addict and ends up getting caught in a motel room in her gitch with the daughters boyfriend and they were ready to get it on. then dad and daughter followed by the sting team busted in. lol fakke
  3. I refuse to watch this because of its dumbass name. I dont doubt its corny!
  4. shit is so fake, just like the repo show with the Fat whale mexican painted on eyebrows shower curtain wearing bitch
  5. hahahaha bro that shit is so fucking funny. I've always thought that bitch was way whack. Shes worse than this bitch

  6. Im THE DOG!!!!
  7. Da big bad dog

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