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southern california medical

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by T0k3r, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. does anybody here go to a club in southern cali?
    i have a few q's
  2. If you're in the San Diego county area, then all walk-in locations have been closed down :(. But there's still quite a few delivery services. As for LA county and the surrounding areas, it shouldn't be hard to find a club there, the place is littered with 'em. Check out for a list of clubs.
  3. I live in Newport Beach.. buddies of mine with cards typically pick up from Long Beach..

    But I just stick to the illegal herbs. Its not hard to find bud thats just as good as the clinics headies that will save you $20.
  4. go to downtown LA and get the marijuana magazine.
    it's a free magazine and my doctor gave it to me when i was done getting my card.
    literally all the clubs are advertising in that magazine.
    has pictures, prices, phone numbers, and address.

    it's all over the place!:hello:


    so what was your question??
  5. blackeyes- what problem did you have to get a card from your doc? I need to locate a doctor that recommends medicinal marijuana
  6. just finished smoking some californian medical sour diesel

  7. Yeah no clubs just ability to carry my meds. if caught they just hassle me then leave me be. clubs were raided by feds a while back all we have is delivery but whos to say the delivery place doesnt get raided and they do a day of deliveries of none other than arrest.

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