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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by superweed, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. hey well yeah im from southern cali and i happen to smoke Every dayyyy, im planing to get a medical card soon and im planning on agrowing sum dank =]
  2. High Superweed!
    Getting your REC is a great Idea, especially if you plan on growing. It can make the difference if the authorities are ever involved. And at least you'll be legally covered up to a certain amount. Good luck on your grow!:smoke:
  3. Thought that was for your "son" who is under age?
  4. well this was my dads,but now im 18,so he siad i should go on here to learn about growing and getting my medical card.
  5. wtf is this i cant even reply to threads because you started this stuped rumor ,:mad:this is the worst weed site ive ever been on,my dad said this was a good website but i guess not...
  6. but as for juanaburn:hello:

    theres one intelligent person around here thats helpfull.:cool:
  7. HIGH All, I gave him a Chance and was Growing to Ban him till his Bday...but no he had to insist he was over now..Perma Ban.
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