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Southern AZ Pickup - Grape Ape Black Diamond OG

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Aurtzie, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Picked up an 1/8th of Grape Ape, And 3 Gs of some Black Diamond.

    The Grape Ape is covered with small faint purple spots, And tastes really fruity with a nice light body high to it. Nothing that will mess you up too bad, But surely a nice relaxing feeling that's easily enjoyable.

    The Black Diamond packs a mean punch, Something I find more suited to smoke before bed to make me pass out. The trim job could be a little better honestly, But I find it quite dank none the less.

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  2. Nice. Thanks sharing :)
  3. thats some good ass shit i want some o dat
  4. southernn central az is always flooded with purp varities. nice pick up
  5. up in the valley its flooded with purple buds too.
    i aint complaining. 
  6. yeah thats were im around theres all purps here too i some times get tired of it try at other strains
  7. purple urkle, gdp, purple cadi, purple kryptonite blah blah blah.
    turned it all down for some super silver haze 
  8. yup lol i get to the point were i tell dude absolutly no purple sometimes i get fucked and hes only got purple genetics

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