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southeast ga

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by dankwanted, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. i live in southeast ga and i have a spot picked out for growing approx. 6-7 plants
    first of all i want to know generally how much does one plant produce,generally speaking i know there are many different plants of all sizes but just a regular plant.
    i would also know when the best time for starting would be i just started about a month ago and had a few stems and nice couple of leaves but then horrible rain came and killed them all, we have perfect weather for growing but i dont know exactly when to start and if i know a rain storm is coming what can i do to stop the same thing from happening any tips would be helpful:confused:
  2. sup dank, i live in TN and i usually get about 4-5oz per plant, but have to keep them kinda small(5-6') you can however, get a few pounds per plant if you have a very good hidden place....and arn't too parinoied. i usually start sometime in april, but march is fine too. as for the rain i would just check the weather and plant when the country looke clear, then just hope for the best.
  3. how do you keep the plants small,is it just strains or are there ways?
  4. i just top them alot and stake them down as much as possable, although some strains do grow larger than others.
  5. dank...um are you buying seeds or do u have bagseeds???cuz you could buy some cheap seeds...if you search this site there r plenty of places...ill look for some but...i saw KUSH seeds for like $10...LOL...that is a great price...but it also depends on what you r lookin for(i know u know that...but it really does) i see some plants wit a yield of like 200g and then some wit like 400 or even 500(and if it is crossed wit big bud then it can be up to 1000g:smoke: ) so...ill look around for you...i might be startin my first grow so im already lookin for seeds...

    i would recommand that you buy from a site or something because they really do have the best...and you will know A LOT MORE ABOUT YOU PLANT...and that is always good...well happy growings and i hope everything works out...fuckin rain...lol
  6. hey dank i tried to send you a private message but it isnt working right now for some reason

    my sister actually lives in st marys, on the naval base (her husband is a marine)

    im going to be in st marys for a lot of the summer and i was wondering what the bud scene is like down there?
  7. i live there also....i'd say the herb is decent, for my input, its kinda hard to find really really shitty weed, but its also very hard to find very high quality weed....mostly in the middle-lower section to the high-low section of potency....

    but overall its gets me high...:)
  8. thats awesome, do you live on the base?
  9. whats goin on no neither me or ravenous live on the base but we live close to it. this is the hard part though the question im bout to ask you, since your gonna be here anyway then we should set up some kind of a meeting this summer me and ravenousdespair are friends and we get the same bud but i have quite a few diffferent connections that i have and can get i know a person or two taht great bud comes from down here and like he said its hard to find shitty stuff but it does happen if you need a good contact let me know in a reply so might could hook up some time this summer let me know

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