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  1. This is a 1/4 (few biftas taken out.) Costs £40 ($64.74) and is homegrown.

    You get this shit in usa?

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  2. also in the uk, but i get half that for £40. looks similar too.
  3. Tastes earthy etc? Good balance - doesn't fuck me up the next day at work
  4. Looks like garbage beasters. Not being a dick at all, just saying the truth. Yeah, in the states that's considered high end schwag. Don't tell me that's even close to the best bud you've seen or smoked......
  5. Enjoy your weed.

    Hello from Wales, you English scum! :laughing:

  6. Hello no. This is my week weed, i cant smoke high grade everyday and concentrate on my job the next day (not being a dick at all but its well payed)

    Been to the dam a few times, the ocz kush is the knockout king.

  7. Thats not very nice, I like the welsh. Cyfieithu hwn os yw eich wir hyd eich gwlad
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    Walking distance, my dispensary has 100+ strains way more dank then that. 1/4 run about $50.

    Sorry, you just sound like you think that's the greatest shit ever
  9. Just picked up £20 worth of some stinky cheese, its so sticky my grinder does barely anything to it so i have to pick it apart.

    And im from Gloucester, close to bristol,

    Hello fellow English scum and the sheep shagger ;)

  10. sounds like ya are man.

  11. Gloucester you say? Small world. Longlevens
  12. Yeah thats about what i would get, at uni in Oxford. Yesterday though, I picked up my first ounce and it's seriously good stuff. Like holy shit. I'm still blazed from like early afternoon

  13. The picture over hypes it, its wet and stalky

  14. no way, dude i live almost oposite old richans rugby club LOL!

    I probably know you hahaha

    Shit small world

  15. You may need to sort me out as a very last resort lol
  16. I don't think I've ever had any tree that i've smoked that left me fucked up the next day. Real talk, maybe it's just me...bein in the states and all that, but I never got so high that it trashed me the next day and trust me, I've gotten good and high--smoked out even in some cases but i've never got so trashed by weed that the day after, I'd still be shit.

    And I've smoked some good weed. (Ak-47, Sour Cream, Sour Diesel, Purp. Haze, reg haze)

    And with all of those I can proudly say, It's never wrecked me so much that I was still feeling it the next day. Even night caps, I burn a whole J down and by morning, I'm usually good to go.

    but 1/4 for 40...kinda expensive when you can get a 1/2 for 50 over these parts.
  17. I start work at half 6, i struggle to get up anyway and if i have a heavy sesh i feel groggy the next morning.

  18. haha yeah that's cool :smoke:

  19. This is getting weird. Im 22 and work in IT, weed and computers, strange combination to have in common. Where do you work?

  20. WTF?! dude im an IT engineer. 19, live the road oposite old richains, went to Churchdown school. Holy shit this is weird.

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