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South Park

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rolling Papers, May 12, 2011.

  1. Whats good Grasscity ?

    Just came on here to say im smoking on a fat bowl to south park right now .

    who else on GC loves south park ? :smoke:
  2. im watching the new ep right now :D i love south park
    mr mackey has been so funny in this ep hahaha
  3. Hahaha tooth decay
  4. south park is the shit, im currently still embarking on my endeavor to watch all the episodes on netflix...I'm at like 87 now.
  5. Better lube me up before you F*CK me mom! lol I love cartman
  6. Ahhh shit I forgot. Too excited from heat game

    But that shit is being DVRed...:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  7. South park loves to piss EVERYBODY off haha
  8. southpark is awesome
  9. Wow what an awesome ending. Shoving a severed arm up an ass
  10. everything was retarted in that episode other than mr. mackey . lol , workaholics + another bowl = good night
  11. I love most of south park, there are some episodes that are just some I don't find entertaining at all.
  12. I live in south park.
  13. This season has been pretty disappointing.
  14. Im sure alot peeps will deny, but i think its kinda goin down hill, which sux cause its like the best show

  15. right , so far the only funny scenes this season was tonights episode of mr. mackey cussing out the kindergardeners .
  16. I've been on a 10 day t break
    But I'm gonna break it this weekend, smoke a fat joint and watch the new south park

  17. thats the way to do it . i had a few day smoke marathon after my 1 year break from weed . it last for 4 days starting from the first south park to the 14th season .
  18. fuckin snow monkeys lmao

  19. damn ice beaners !

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