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  1. i was watching south park and the episode had some NAMBLA organization on it and i didnt think it was real so i googled it and.....
  2. Yes, there are many Marlon Brando look alikes in North America.
  3. Yep, there's some sick motherfuckers out there.
  4. Puke, much?
  5. ^What the fuck.
  6. That was on their website as their like mission statement? wowwwww
  7. man im 20 years old and ive been watchin sp since the 3rd grade!
  8. Sometime I actually think NAMBLA is ran by the Vatican

  9. lol... possibly
  10. someone should post this link to 4chan, pedobear will run wild
  11. [​IMG] sick freaks
  12. Seriously. If it were little girls, it would be understandable.

    btw was Micheal Jackson a member?
  13.'s not understandable for little girls either.

    There are some sick people out there I'm afraid.

  14. ...what?

    Is this seriously a real organization, or is someone trollin?
  15. I am literally speechless. I don't know what to say. :eek: :hide:
  16. Sorry, the sarcasm on that one didnt show through to well...
  17. Its legit...fucking sick people I swear.
  18. Everyone that clicked that link is on a FBI watchlist now :p
  19. thats fucked to say the least
  20. Im already on a few of their lists already...

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