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  1. Is officially not funny when high.

    It is quite interesting though. There are parts where you will just think to yourself, why did they do this or what is going on. Still, best enjoyed not high.
  2. I personally disagree.
  3. older episodes were a lot better
    but the high school musical one and the goth/vampire one were amazing
  4. Don't watch the boring ones. Watch the classicly funny ones like the tom cruise one. or any of the old ones
  5. perhaps i should elaborate. when not high, south park can be pretty funny because they have serious plots and much of the humor derives from the plot situation rather than the actual jokes or punchlines. personally, when im high, id rather watch something where the jokes and humor are more straightfoward and simple.
  6. like family guy??? where the jokes are completely random and irrelevant to the 'plot'??
  7. yes, i know, family guy gets a lot of criticism for that, but when im high, yeah.
  8. Family Guy > South Park when high IMHO
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    I respectfully disagree.
    Proof: (from 3:30 at least)
    [ame=""]A Crap Cartoon - Clips - South Park Studios[/ame]

  10. nothing makes me laugh harder than south park when im high. of course the newer seasons arent as good. but they have their moments
  11. I understand what he's sayin, I actually JUST got done watching a few episodes (highschool musical and that vampire one.) and some of them at certain points i'm like o_O'

    But those episodes are totally true about society if you really see the ACCTUAL point the 2 creators always get across.
  12. they are both funny to watch when high, but i enjoy southpark more
  13. I have a few things to say:

    Vampire Kids
    Make Love, Not Warcraft
    Scott Tennerman (sp?)
    Taco shitting ice cream.

    Enough said.
  14. I like it in both states of mind. I love that they always have a moral at the end, and the fact that they mock themselves for having a moral in the cartoon wars episodes (i think thats when they do it). I grew up near the real south park (which is really Fairplay, CO) in Colorado and I love the fact that most of the locations are real places. Casa Bonita is a real theme restaurant in Denver. In the "Mexican Staring Frog" episode they say the frog was spotted at Shaffer's Crossing. My long time girlfriend grew up there and there is litterly no town there. It is just a location along US 285 which is the highway you take to get to Denver from Fairplay and where i grew up. Starks pond is real too, but I don't think it's call Starks. I love Parker and Stones twisted political and social insight, you could only get that growing up in the mountains of Colorado. Yes I know Parker went to Columbine High School in Littleton (southwest Denver) , but Stone grew up in Evergreen which is along US highway 285. They are both local heroes in my book. They put us on the map even though the probably give a jaded view on mountain people.
  15. watchu guys talkin about the new ones are very funny too ;

    i dont get into the 1st season cause the animation quality is shitty
  16. south park high ftw.

  17. the quality is shitty past season 1 too but those are some of the most epic south park episodes --
  18. There are some really, REALLY cool episodes beyond season 1.

    For instance: Season 11 episode 1; Cartman fights a midget. Seriously. That shit is just so hilarious.
    "He's blushing! hahaha! he looks like a little strawberry"

    "Look! look! they put it in a little suit!"

    Also we have the rippoff episode from Heavy Metal, where they "cheese it" by inhaling concentrated cat urine. That is just friggin awesome.

    Also we have the episode where they get high on cough medicine. That is quite wacko.

    There are so many good episodes beyond season one, but the first season is definitely the best South park has to offer.

    Needless to say, I am an incredibly huge South Park fan!
  19. I think the newer seasons are amazing. They all are. A lot of people always give me shit on Family Guy being better, but I utterly disagree. And Cartman fighting a midget might have been one of the funniest things I've ever seen on television.
  20. Strongly disagreed. This past season "Over Logging" was the best, I was blazed when it came on and when they popped in on Randy whacking in the trailer I thought I'd never stop laughing.

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