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  1. What is your favorite episode of South Park?

    Mine have to be Imagination Land, the one where hillary clinton has a snook in her snizz, and make love, not warcraft ( the one were WoW is in it).

  2. Major Boobage, such a cool way to put across the whole drug crazed kenny and when it came out the whole jenkens deal was going on in the news, made it feel real.

    I like the entire 11th season, definetly the best season of southpark because I nearly shit a brick from lice capades and Imaginationland special.

    I love how southpark is usually realist to the world going on around us, blows shoes like simpsons and family guy out of the water on this.
  3. imaginaaaaaaaaaationnnnnnn imaginatiooooooooooooon. suck my balls!

    i have so many. i've watched every single episode. love south park.

    my favorites : goobacks, the jeffersons, fetus lady, guitar queero, make love not warcraft, scott tenorman must die, manbearpig, tonsil trouble, le petite tourrette, over logging, super fun time.

    many more but those are my favorites!
  4. i love the cough syrup one. blanking on the name. there a news team. you guys know which one im talking about?
    i also love the homeless/zombie one.
    and the you got served one. and the drugie self from the future one.

    ill just stop here, i could list favorites all day. south park ftw.:D.
  5. Towlie episode ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody needs a towel.....
    no!! its the theme from funky town!!!!!!
  6. Sexual Harassment Panda. All you youngbloods need to get with the old-school SP :devious:
  7. That's a tough one but I used 2 love the episode where they're buildin a ladder 2 heaven
  8. [​IMG]

    When one panda put another panda wee-hoo into the other panda ear...that makes sexual harrassment panda sad.
  9. they probably have watched the old school shyt but like the new shyt better

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