South Park

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  1. Sir I need to check your azzhole. Lol the new episode is hilarious the ending is just epic.
  2. Kyles dad: I'm a big boy

    Security lady: yea youre a big boy

    Kyles dad: I'm a big boy...I made a big boy ye....
  3. I missed the new episode =(. I'll watch it online tomorrow
  4. Definitely my favorite show, my favorite thing about it is the hats, Stan even showers with his on.
  5. Yeah I love South Park!!!!! Used to be a HUGE fan back in the day. It's still good, I watch it but has gone somwhat downhill. That episode u mentioned is actually kinda depressing lol
  6. Shopping channel guy: "Ive got a gun right here what do you think about that?"

    Old Lady calling in: "Put it to your temple and pull the trigger."

    fuck the way that went down convincing him to commit suicide was hilarious
  7. That episode was awesome

    "you dont even pronounce the X how's that for prestigious"

    The whole Hindu saying had me rolling
  8. They way they showed how the cycle goes was great, and the whole calling in to the shopping channel segment at the end was fucking hilarious. Deff. an awesome episode
  9. im considering watching last nights episode again because i truly dont remember even posting that. i was more fucked than i thought holy hell.
  10. I watched some older episodes again today. Honestly I don't understand how somebody can say new episodes are too centered around current events or politics.. because there's a ton of that shit in old eps too

  11. Not season 1 I think. Like the episode with Robert Smith and Barbara Streisand? I don't see what that episode has to do with anything. Roshambo? I get to kick you in the nuts then you can kick me in the nuts.
  12. i want a tattoo of timechild cartman on the ostrich.
    "theres probably jarvis probes everywhere."
    like what the fuck lol.
  13. Maybe, I dunno. I don't really remember which episodes are in which season =S. Season 1 was for sure a lot more "crude" than later seasons. There really might not be anything political in those episodes.

    But when people say "it fell off after season 10" (10 seems to be a commonly mentioned season in this regard) I don't get it. I watched season 5 a bit the other day on Netflix and thought they weren't much different than newer seasons.

    The first season or two were definitely the seasons with the most crude senseless jokes, which are cool.. but after that they've always had a relevant and political charm. That's what draws me to the show so much though.
  14. The one where they make everyone crap their pants. Fucking hilarious.
  15. I love the episode 'Grey Dawn' where the AARP invades the town after they put a ban on drivers over 65. When Stans dad runs across the field screaming at them while they're playing hockey and them hiding in the haunted house from the old folks is fucking hilarious.
  16. i miss chef he always cracked me up.
  17. this lol, what an epic kill off tho. pushed into a jagged rocked ravine filled with lions and bears and shit by a secret pedophilia organization. trey parker and matt stone are saving all of our seats in hell.
  18. Yeah that episode was a bit twisted:D
  19. Those ruby earrings would look great; on your dead body. Kill yourself. Lololololol
  20. i found myself asking myself "why" quite a bit. as well as when watching the indiana jones episode lol. i understand they were making a point, but who gets raped on a pinball machine?

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