South Park.. wtf?

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  1. I used to LOVE south park, but the new episodes just suck. Its gotten way to preachy and political and... I mean who the fuck cares what a bunch of apathetic fourth graders have to say about wikileaks?

    What happened to sexual harassment panda? What happened to chipontlemon? What the fuck happened to the fart jokes?!

    Does anybody still watch the new episodes? They're just not funny anymore :(
  2. I'd rather here something witty and relevant then fart jokes
  3. I love the newer eps as much as the old ones really.

    I don't mind political shit they do. If anything I think that helps make it funnier. They're staying relevant. If they didnt the show probably would last.

    Fart jokes get old a lot faster than cultural and political jokes

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  5. i made this thread a while ago
  6. lmfao I mean it wasn't all fart jokes, but they used to be crude and clever at the same time. I don't know... I just don't like the preachy-ness of the show. Sometimes I want to go into the tv when stan/kyle is having a "what I learned" monologue and bitch slap them.
  7. I stopped watching after the first episode in season 12.
    Changed waaaaaayyyyy too much.
    Like to the point I don't even recognize it as the same show.
    Its sad but maybe Trey and Matt will do the right thing and kill it after this season.

  8. niiiice :hello:

  9. They used to be able to pull it off and actually make a decent point but now its not clever in the slightest bit.
  10. Not only that, it lost the cardboard paper feel.

    Too detailed now, southpark was good when it had rough edges.

  11. Exactly! Because culture and politics always change.
    It's something fresh, because it's always changing.
  12. I loved the ball bouncing medical marijuana
    "Whats ridiculous about this?"

    but yeah it seems they fell off a bit. I still look forward to new episodes
  13. I heard somewhere that the creators intentionally make the show like that because they are in a contract that they do not want to continue with.
  14. I thought they were gonna end it.
  15. [quote name='"HerbalTurtle"']I heard somewhere that the creators intentionally make the show like that because they are in a contract that they do not want to continue with.[/quote]


    I doubt that's right
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    Yeah I thought they were trying to get out of comedy central but they cant.

    They can take there business elsewhere but they couldn't have it as south park because comedy central owns that and the right to censor it.

    Something like that

    Whether they would go as far as sabotaging there own show I dunno I don't think they are doing a very good job of it if they are it's still funny lol
  17. Fart jokes only go so far.

    South Park has to pick on real life things, not like they get super political. Personally I think the show is still as funny as it always has been. Some episodes are stupid (like the last few episodes with Cthulu or whatever). But overall I still laugh my ass off.

    Simpsons lost it's humor after like the 9th season (aside from the movie). It's great to see South Park still being humorous. I think if Simpsons stayed relevant (which it can't because of how it's made) it'd still be hilarious. But sadly it's being replaced by South Park and Family Guy (which Family Guy will start to get awful because it can't be relevant).

    tl;DR South Park has to stay relevant or it can't be good anymore, Simpsons got lame because they didn't have any new material since they couldn't stay relevant.

    South Park ftw. And a side note it isn't even that political. Look at last weeks episode with the TSA, it implemented a controversial topic, BUT it made it hilarious. Toilet police :laughing:
  18. idk man, they renewed their contract through 2016 just last november

    sp and cc seem to be pretty good bros

  19. nah Family guy will always be relevant because it makes fun of pop culture/current trends.

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