south park season 10 on dvd

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  1. what up GC, never really made a post on a topic other than marijuana related, thought id give it a try. today is the day

    I just picked this up today, I think it was released tuesday the 21st.

    South Park season 10--got it on sale for like 32.50$ at best buy. I have all 10 seasons of south park on dvd, its about time I got something new. I must say, from what ive seen now season 10 is definately my favorite hands down.

    14 episodes

    The Return of Chef
    *Smug alert!
    Cartoon Wars prt1/2
    *A Million little fibers
    *Make love, not warcrat
    *Mystery of the urinal deuce
    *Miss teacher bangs baby boy
    Hell On Earth 2006
    Go God Go
    Go God Go XII
    Stanleys Cup

    *'s are my fav :hello: In Smug Alert, there is a scene where Kyle and Ike eat acid. Kyle asks for half a hit, Ike holds up his fingers and asks for 3, then another scene later them sittin on the floor repeating "the tripping balls..."
  2. here is a pic, pick it up, funny stuff. Or dont buy it, because then you will only have to buy the other 9 seasons :hello: ive watched them all through so many times tho I dont mind.

    Family guy has only 3 seasons tho...alot more bad this thread isnt about family guy

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  3. ^^stuff like that is all good no doubt. I really dont live on the computer, and I think DVD quality is much much better to say the least. Also I think the dvds are convienent.

    Its one of those things where I watch these prolly 2/3 of a season every day usually as background for a smoking session--so they really do get used, and watched

    Dont get me wrong, If I was borderline on deciding about a movie or cd id prolly download or watch online. I guess you could say I like the dvds because I watch them over and over and dont mind payin the $$, where as if I had to sit at the PC n watch id probably only watch one time thru

    Also, director mini commentary is only available on DVD, and those are real funny also, tells you alot about what was goin on when they made each show, and why they made it like they did.
  4. I collect tv shows on DVD, nothing beats DVD quality picture and extras. is a great site, but its like watching a video on youtube; sometimes the picture's a little blurry or the sound is a little off, etc.

    Your right, south park extras (intros, voice over) are hilarious
  5. Tsssst doesnt have ***** thats one of my top favs. its the dog whisperer and nanny 911 lol
  6. thanks, I just 'wasted' 22 mins watching the elephant/pig episode from season one.

  7. :confused:

  8. ^^ i just watched the elaphant pig fucking episode too. Chicken lover is also one of my favs
  9. Round of applause for one hell of a show.
  10. Ha, just think you could have spent that $30 on some bud and downloaded the entire season (dvd quality) burned it to a disc and smoked your weed and watched your free show...
  11. That weed's gonna be gone, and after that youll have nothing.
  12. trust me I try not to spend all my $$ on bud or id have alot of bud

    Regardless, I have a relatively fat bag-an extra 8th isnt a big deal, anyways 30$ on a dvd i dont really mind spending like i said above, I dont know how many times ive watched each season. I dont really watch downloaded quality video more than once

    Id also like to buy katt wiliams pimp chronicals dvd, should I instead watch it on youtube and buy a dimebag instead??

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