South Park Is Now Off Of Netflix Instant

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  1. South Park Is Now Off Of Netflix Instant!!!!!

  2. They killed Kenny! :eek:
  3. They update every two weeks on Wednesdays. It will be back I am sure.
    Its not because of a glitch, its because of a contract. Do you know if their are any online petitions to get it back on the air? Because I would definitely sign it.
  5. They will prob bring it back right before the new season kicks up, if not long before that
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    pretty sure its off for good....
    yo anyone have any problems using netflix through the webpage? it stopped loading up pages for me the last couple of hours....remains a blank page
    edit: nevermind. found that its down all around the country on the website & playstation at least, shiz weak. never had a problem on xbox
  7. Bastards!!!!
  8. Everyone should get familiar with private torrent sites and have at least 10tb of hdd space, a flatscreen, and a pc hooked up to it. A badass stereo helps. Fuck Netflix...
    Was going to post this after I saw the thread. That site is legit.

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